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The Rolling Stones - Black Box (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

By boutsko at 2011-07-31

BLACK BOX (Remastered Edition)
Remasters Workshop RMW 624/5/6/7

Restored from the Yellow Dog set originally issued 1994, plus the bonus disc from 2000.

This set was obtained on Usenet in the spring of 2002. I did work to correct the pitch and phase then (before RMW existed), and reposted it on June 17th. It's not too likely you've got those kicking around in your collection, but if you do, you can retire them now! Back then, it was not feasible to correct the phase of stereo recordings, so those remained out-of-phase. They are all fixed on this edition, which was redone from scratch from archived .ape files.

With modern technology, I was able to fix the spot in the middle of "Gimme Shelter" (Disc 3, track 3) where it suddenly sped up by a semitone. The fluctuations have been ironed out as flat as possible, so that you may not even notice that it was ever in need of fixing.

Three tracks are added to fill out the short running time on discs 3 and 4. One is not an outtake - it is an OOPS mix of "Honky Tonk Women" that features mainly Keef playing his immortal guitar part, Mick Taylor's complementary leads, Ian Stewart's piano, and the horn section. I discovered it after correcting the phase, and thought, "this is so cool, somebody must want to hear it!" If you ever wanted to learn exactly what Keith is playing, here's your chance! If you do not want this track, it can be discarded and there will be no sector boundary errors (but you'll have to remove the title from the artwork...).

Disc 1
01  Heart Of Stone
02  Not Fade Away
03  And Mr. Spector and Mr. Pitney Came Too
04  Andrew's Blues
05  Don't Lie To Me
06  Hi Heel Sneakers
07  Stewed And Keefed
08  Look What You've Done
09  Tell Me Baby How Many Times
10  Down In The Bottom
11  We're Wastin' Time
12  Hear It
13  (Walkin' Thru) The Sleepy City
14  Try A Little Harder
15  Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
16  As Time Goes By
17  Blue Turns To Grey (2nd version)
18  (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
19  Looking Tired
20  Paint It Black
21  Lady Jane
22  Get Yourself Together
23  Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow (#1)
24  Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow (#2)
25  Let's Spend The Night Together

Disc 2
01  Get Yourself Together
02  Let's Spend The Night Together
03  All Sold Out
04  Yesterday's Papers
05  Ruby Tuesday
06  Complicated
07  Please, Go Home
08  My Obsession
09  Cosmic Christmas
10  Family
11  Downtown Lucy
12  Hamburger To Go
13  I'm A Country Boy
14  Memo From Turner # 1
15  Memo From Turner # 2
16  Sister Morphine
17  Still A Fool
18  You Got The Silver
19  Highway Child

Disc 3
01  Sympathy For The Devil
02  Country Honk
03  Gimme Shelter
04  Loving Cup
05  Jiving Sister Fanny
06  Honky Tonk Women
07  All Down The Line
08  All Down The Line
09  I Don't Know The Reason Why (incomplete)
10  I'm Going Down
11  You Gotta Move
12  Brown Sugar #1
13  Brown Sugar #2
14  Bitch
15  Good Time Women
16  Sway
17  Schoolboy Blues
18  Bonus - Honky Tonk Women (OOPS mix)

Disc 4
01  Confessin' The Blues
02  I've Been Loving You Too Long
03  Poison Ivy (alt)
04  Fortune Teller
05  Time Is On My Side
06  Con Le Mie Lacrime (As Tears Go By)
07  Da Doo Ron Ron
08  We Love You
09  Dandelion (demo)
10  19th Nervous Breakdown #1
11  Yesterday's Papers #1
12  Gimme Shelter #2
13  Sister Morphine #1
14  Brown Sugar (alt)
15  Wild Horses (alt)
16  Sister Morphine (with Marianne Faithfull)
17  Rare Telephone Call From Japan
18  Bonus - Brown Sugar (w Eric Clapton - from blue vinyl 12")
19  Bonus - CS Blues (from blue vinyl 12")

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