venerdì 14 febbraio 2020

Humble Pie - 1970-09-09 - London, UK (SBD/SHN)

(Soundboard SHN)

"On Stage" (MD 72611)
BBC Peel's Sunday Show

Soundboard (some tape hiss; drop-outs in track 2)
Quality rating = Excellent

Silver CD> wav(via EAC)> shn(via mkwACT)

01. Four Day Creep
02. I'm Ready
03. Live With Me
04. Stone Cold Fever
05. Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
06. Walk On Gilded Splinters
07. The Sad Bag Of Shakey Jake
08. One Eyed Trouser Snake Rumba
09. Big Black Dog

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