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Jackson Browne - 2015-08-15 - Berkeley, CA (IEM/FLAC)


Jackson Browne
August 15, 2015
Greek Theater
Berkeley, CA

Source 1: 4x IEM > Cables > Recorder
Recorded by Hoserama
Source 2: Schoeps mk4 > Actives > NBox Platinum > Sony M-10
Recorded by Scooter123

Mixed, Produced, and Mastered by Hoserama
Aligned in Adobe Audition
Mixed in Nuendo 4, using extra waves, Ozone, Slate plug-ins
Dithered using Izotope MBIT+
Flac'ed using Trader's Little Helper
Mix version 7

01. The Barricades of Heaven
02. Just Say Yeah
03. The Long Way Around
04. Leaving Winslow
05. These Days
06. For Everyman
07. I'm Alive
08. You Know the Night
09. For a Dancer
10. Fountain of Sorrow
[set break]
11. You Bright Baby Blues
12. Which Side
13. If I Could Be Anywhere
14. Standing in the Breach
15. Looking East
16. The Birds of St. Marks
17. Sky Blue and Black
18. The Pretender
19. Doctor My Eyes - False Start
20. Doctor My Eyes
21. Running on Empty
22. I'll Do Anything
23. Take it Easy
24. Our Lady of the Well

* Tracks 22, 23, 24 with Sean & Sara Watkins

Show Notes:
Solid show by Jackson Browne and the crew; full band show with some guests to close it out. Glad I made it out!

Recording Notes:
IEM Heavy mix, as most of mine tend to be. There is a healthy amount of the audience recording in it, but other may enjoy more. Getting good level on Jackson's vocals was a bit tough, sometimes it gets a bit too buried for my opinion, but overall holds up in my opinion (or else I wouldn't release it).

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