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The Who - 1969-08-17 - Bethel, NY (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Woodstock Festival

01 Heaven And Hell
02 I Can't Explain
03 It's A Boy
04 1921
05 Amazing Journey
06 Sparks
07 Eyesight To The Blind
08 Christmas
09 The Acid Queen
10 Pinball Wizard
11 Do You Think It's Alright?
12 Fiddle About
13 There's A Doctor
14 Go To The Mirror
15 Smash The Mirror
16 I'm Free
17 Tommy's Holiday Camp
18 We're Not Gonna Take It
19 Summertime Blues

Mad Raving Stark Production.  NTSC Video.

Total runtime:  45.50

The picture quality is very good. Shot in B/W film with a hand held camera from the right side of the stage.  There is time code on the bottom of the screen. The audio appears to be from the camera, and not from a soundboard source. Lot's of great closeups of Pete, as the cameraman was right next to him. The Abbie Hoffman footage has been removed, but you can hear Pete's comments following the incident.  Many of the songs have cuts in them, so this is not the complete performance.  The show runs around 46 minutes.  I received a non-critical compliance error when burning the DVD, but it burned and played back with no problem, so just ignore it if you encounter that.

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