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The Rolling Stones - 1997-09-23 - Chicago, IL (AUD/SBD/FLAC)

(Audience Soundboard FLAC)

Lost & Found / Opening Night Bridges To Babylon ‘97-‘98(Stereo SB)
(North American Tour-1st leg).

September 23rd 1997 Chicago, Illinois, Soldier Field

1.Concert & Torrent Info
(1) Artist: The Rolling Stones
Band Members:
Mick Jagger-Vocals, Guitar
Keith Richards-Guitars,Vocals
Charlie Watts-Drums
Ronnie Wood-Guitars
Darryl Jones-Bass
Bobby Keys-tenor sax
Chuck Leavell-keyboards
Lisa Fischer and Bernard Fowler-Backing Vocals & Percussion
Blondie Chaplin-Backing Vocals, Guitar & Percussion
The New West Horns [Andy Snitzer (sax, keyb)/Michael Davis (tb)/Kent Smith (tp)]
(2) Date: September 23rd 1997
(3) Venue: Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois,
(4) Disc Title & Catalog #: Lost & Found / Opening Night Bridges To Babylon ‘97-’98 (T&J-TWOSP-092/93)
(5) The Production Team:
The Wall of Sound Project
a. Sound Editor: The Naniwa Hot Brothers
b Art Work Designer: Mickey Jaggar
(6) Artwork included.

2. Remastering info
See the origins of each track listed up on the Set-List in detail.
We have received multiple audio sources from Osaka T who had initially asked us to re-master his precious low-generation audio visual materials. As instructed by him, we applied the minimum amount of re-mastering processes (volume adjustment & channel control). If you believe that you could do the better job, please feel free to do so. But before you do, please read what Osaka-T has to say about the recordings and the instructions he gave us for the re-mastering process:

Osaka T’s explanations and instructions:
More than ten years ago I received this pro-shot video (stereo) from this person in Canada who was part of the gangs originally shelling out loads of cash to get this video from somebody close to the stones camp (HIS STORY ABOUT THE SOURCE ORIGIN NOT CONFIRMED by MICKEY). The picture quality of the video is pretty good but not perfect because my friend in Canada did not have a top-notch VCR to make a professional, high-quality copy but the sound quality is truly amazing. It took some time but eventually I was granted the permission to share an audio of this video with other stones fans.
A few months after started sharing, I saw a couple of Japanese bootlegger release an audio of this show at first and audio-visual materials later. Back then I just thought they had obtained the same materials with more or less same quality from somebody else, and soon forgot all about it.

Quite recently I just read **the Guide Book for Rolling Stones Bootleg 1961-2013 and learn that Soldier of Stones by Vinyl Gang Product (VGP-199) was chosen to be the best sound source with the following explanations;

Soldier of Stones by Vinyl Gang Product (VGP-199)
The first version; the STEREO soundboard recording combined with audience recordings (Rock and A Hard Place, Ruby Tuesday and all the tracks from Sympathy for the Devil forward)
The second version; the MONO soundboard recording combined with audience recordings of two tracks (Rock and A Hard Place & Ruby Tuesday)

According to the guidebook, the commercially bootlegged source contains only MONO recordings of the later half show. I just scratched my head and started digging more. Then I got a first version of Soldier of Stones from a good friend of mine and realized that VGP version sounds far less good than the one I got from a Canadian friend (especially the latter half of the show sounds awful). To be fair and square to VGP, please take some time to listen to the attached files to see my point.




We do not mind you uploading these shows on DIME but I have to remind you that it should be granted on one condition; try your best to keep the original as original as you can. These are low generation copies. Once you use fancy computer software to alter the sound and release it to the trading community (or seed it by torrent). No matter how much re-mastering-wizard you are or how much good intention you might have, you would end up polluting the trading pool. The last thing we should do is to get people too confused to see which one is which. I would rather keep these files as original or as a base point people could get back to anytime they feel they like to re-master these files on their time and space.
Please make a complete show patching in the missing pieces off a several bootleg sources I will soon upload on a file-sharing site. Take care.

**Guide Book for Rolling Stones Bootleg 1961-2013 was written by one of the world-renowned Rolling Stones bootleg scholars, Mr. Hara who explored ALL the commercially bootlegged materials thoroughly to shed the light even on the trivial facts of Stones audio history. His guide book dose not only help people pick the best materials on the market but also fill the gap on the profound musicological significance of the band.

3. Sound Quality;

4. Set List / File Info
00 Pre-Show VH1 Introductory Comments #4
01 Intro
02 Satisfaction
03 It's Only Rock'n Roll
04 Bitch
05 Let's Spend The Night Together
06 Rock And A Hard Place ***#3
07 Ruby Thuesday ***#2
08 Anybody Seen My Baby
09 19th Nervous Breakdown
10 Out Of Control
11 Under My Thumb
12 Miss You
13 Band Introductions
14 All About You
15 I Wanna Hold You #1
16 Little Queenie #1
17 Let It Bleed #1
18 The Last Time #1
19 Sympathy For The Devil
20 Tumbling Dice
21 Honky Tonk Women
22 You Got Me Rockin'
23 Start Me Up
24 Jumpin' Jack Flash
25 You Can't Always Get What You Want
26 Brown Sugar
27 The Last Announcement #5

All the tracks marked *** are Audience Recordings.
Otherwise stereo soundboard recordings(SB)

Sound Source Info
Non-Marked: low generation VHS video (stereo)
#1: liberated commercial bootleg CD titled Piece Of Gold by Phoenix Records
#2: liberated commercial bootleg CD titled Sweet Home Chicago by Crystal Cat
#3: unknown audience video
#4: unknown generation VHS video
#5: Soldier of Stones by Vinyl Gang Product

Asked by Spider
>Just trying to determine why this became a 'Frankenstein' patchwork project rather than using the main source for the whole thing.

The video Osaka T got is incomplete missing a few tracks. Osaka T asked us to patch up it with other sources. As far as Osaka T knows, there are two versions circulating among the selected number of stones fans. Both versions are incomplete missing several tracks with short or long cuts here and there. Here is what we learned from Osaka T.

The first one (the version used for this torrent) circulated largely among North American tape traders
Stereo or Mono: STEREO
Missing Tracks: Rock & A Hard Place, Ruby Tuesday, I Wanna Hold You, Little Queenie, Let It Bleed
Cuts: The Last Time (the whole part except the ending), Show Intro (short cut), Band Introductions (the only Lisa Fischer part omitted)

The Second one (a commercial bootleg DVD version) circulated world-wide
Stereo or Mono: MONO
Missing Tracks: Ruby Tuesday, I Wanna Hold You, Little Queenie, Let It Bleed, The Last Time
Cuts: Rock and A Hard Place (the whole part except intro), Band Introductions (the Lisa Fischer & Chuck Leavell part omitted), Show Intro (shorter cuts than the first version’s)

Given the fact that the same time-counter appears on both versions, we believe that the same person made the original copies of both versions with the professional high-quality VCR. We also think that that person made two copies individually and manually. That’s why the length of cuts and the cutting points on the target tracks of both versions are similar but different.
As for stereo and mono difference, we believe that it could have been transferred from stereo to mono when the NTSC-format video was converted to the PAL format one. Our assumption is based on the fact that the second version was initially offered from this Englishman whom Osaka T had known for some time as a reputable tape-trader. Osaka T remembered his fellow Englishman complained “a good STEREO VCR is hard to find in England” when Osaka T got a copy from him. Since Osaka T. lost the contact with him ever since his fellow Englishman got too busy taking care of his sick wife to do a tape-trading, there is no way to know for sure.
Surely we would all appreciate it if somebody shows up with the STEREO second version.

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