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Yes - 1980-09-22 - Chicago, IL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Yes at the International Amphitheatre Chicago Illinois September 22nd 1980 

This was one of those recordings that grew on me the more plays it got. The sound was not too hot as the Amphitheater can do to you. But this really ended up a great listening show. Thumbs up on this performance. The show was in the round (revolving center stage) and I believe this was the first of two nights. There was a power failure that lasted 4 or five minutes. The main man from Celebration Flipside (promoter) comes out on stage to explain what had happened. 
without Anderson I would have not expected this to be too good. But I was wrong! 

Analog Master RB 

6th row main floor in front of the stage(in the round). 
Cassettes: Maxell XL-I C-90 
DECK: Technics RS-686DS 
MICS: Teac ME-80 (NAK CM-300) 
Dolby On for recording. 

Playback on identical unit. 
Dolby off for playback! 
Using Chord Company cables from Naim... 
Played through the Naim Audio NAC-52 pre-amp 
to the Tascam CDR-2000 Standalone. 
Mastered to Gold Satin Taiyo Yuden 74-ZY CDR's 
PC drive.....Plextor UltraPlex40max CDR-ROM SCSI (W/adaptec 2930) 
EAC (1.8X ripping speed or slower on all my uploads)>FLAC>YOU GUYS, Enjoy RB 

All my uploads are exactly as the master...RAW! This includes all if any...gaps, cut songs, pops and bad tracking. But if I were you, don't let this discourage you to download. 

Geoff Downes (Keyboards) 
Trevor Horn (Vocals) 
Steve Howe (Guitars) 
Chris Squire (Bass) 
Alan White (Drums) 

1.01 Apocalypse ~ Does It Really Happen? (7.28) 
1.02 Yours Is No Disgrace (11.25) 
1.03 Into The Lens (8.48) 
1.04 The Clap (5.31) 
1.05 And You And I Part 1 (6.43) 
1.06 And You And I Part 2 (3.16) 
1.07 Go Through This (4.54) 
1.08 Man In A White Car Suite (6.54) 
1.09 Parallels (6.00) 

2.01 We Can Fly From Here & power failure (10.38) 
2.02 Tempus Fugit ~ Amazing Grace (8.09) 
2.03 The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) (6.31) 
2.04 Amazing Grace (3.40) 
2.05 Machine Messiah (10.11) 
2.06 Starship Trooper (12.21) 
2.07 Roundabout (9.05)

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