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Steve Hackett - 1992-09-08 - Redondo Beach, CA (AUD/FLAC)

Steve Hackett - 1992-09-08 - Redondo Beach, CA
(Audience FLAC)

The Strand 

Steve Hackett: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Harmonica, Vocals 
Julian Colbeck: Keyboards, Vocals 
Doug Sinclair: Bass 
Hugo Degenhardt: Drums, Percussion 

DISC ONE (51:33) 
1-Myopia/Los Endos/Ace of Wands/Hackett to Bits 
2-Camino Royale 
3-Vampyre With a Healthy Appetite 
4-Flight of the Condor (Sierra Quemada) 
5-Take These Pearls 
6-Always Somewhere Else 
7-In The Heart of the City 
8-Walking Away From Rainbows 
9-There Are Many Sides to the Night 

DISC TWO (41:26) 
1-...In That Quiet Earth 
2-Dark As the Grave 
3-A Trusting Serenade (The Dealer) 
4-Depth Charge 
5-Every Day 
6-Acoustic Set 
7-Blues Jam 

Audience recording, excellent sound. 

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