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Def Leppard - 1993-06-06 - Sheffield, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

The Circus Comes To Town

Original pressed CDs (Kiss The Stone KTS 204 / 205) -> dbPowerAmp (ripper / FLAC conversion)

Disc 1
01 Let's Get Rocked (Live)
02 Tear It Down (Live)
03 Women (Live)
04 Another Hit And Run (Live)
05 Too Late For Love (Live)
06 Hysteria (Live)
07 Make Love Like A Man (Live)
08 Foolin' (Live)
09 Animal (Live)

Disc 2
10 Rocket (Live)
11 Two Steps Behind (Live)
12 Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad (Live)
13 Armageddon It (Live)
14 Pour Some Sugar On Me (Live)
15 Rock Of Ages (Live)
16 Love Bites (Live)
17 Photograph (Live)

This bootleg is from Def Leppard's homecoming concert at the newly-opened Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield on 6 June 1993. I believe the original source for the bootleg was a Japanese TV broadcast, which explains the truncation of the frequency response around 15kHz. I went to a lot of effort to track down an original pressed CD copy of this, as I was worried that the other copies I had looked as if they had been through MP3 encoding; on checking the original, I believe this is an artifact of the original broadcast rather than anything that has happened since!

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