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Santana - 1986-08-17 - Mountain View, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

The 20th Anniversary Celebration Concert Remastered (upgrade)
with present and original Santana Band
Shoreline Amphitheater

Original FLAC files (yes! I found the original download disc) -> Adobe Audition -> Trader's Little Helper -> FLAC, FFP files -> mkwtools generated the MD5. All files verified before upload.

Source: Soundboard
Quality: Very good/excellent (A grade)
Lineage CDR > EAC (secure mode/read offset corrected) > flac frontend (align on sector boundaries; Level 5)
> torrent on [url][/url]

Carlos Santana - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Neal Schon - Guitar
Gregg Rolie - Keyboards, Vocals
Tom Coster - Keyboards
Alphonso Johnson - Bass
David Brown - Bass
Armando Peraza - Bongos, Percussion
Jose Chepito Areas - Timbales, Percussion
Raul Rekow - Congas, Percussion
Michael Carabello - Congas, Percussion
Orestes Vilato - Timbales, Percussion
Michael Shrieve - Drums
Buddy Miles - Vocals, Guitar
Alexander J. Ligertwood - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Disc 1
01 - Intro by Bill Graham > Brotherhood
02 - Primera Invasion
03 - Open Invitation
04 - She's Not There
05 - Instrumental Jam/Mandela
06 - Incident at Neshabur
07 - Victim of Circumstance
08 - Personal Contact
09 - Percussion Solo
10 - Alphonso Bass Solo

Disc 2
01 - Super Boogie
02 - Hong Kong Blues
03 - Songs of Freedom
04 - Savor
05 - Them Changes
06 - Europa
07 - Right Now

Disc 3
01 - Introduction
02 - In A Silent Way/Se a Cabo Jam
03 - Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
04 - Oye Como Va
05 - Evil Ways
06 - Jingo
07 - Tambales Solo
08 - Zsabo/Buddy Myles Improv
09 - Soul Sacrifice
10 - Soul Sacrifice II
11 - Soul Sacrifice III
12 - Soul Sacrifice Finale
13 - Toussaint L'Overture

Downloaded a liberated boot the other day titled Santan 20th Aniversary Sunrise, FL. Nice show but it wasn't the 20th Anniversay show. This is the real deal. This was grabbed of Dime two, mebbe three years ago. A great show and Carlos is on fire. The only thing I didn't like from the original was that the sound was a little thin. Not anymore, this one roars like the Santana of old, the way we remember. Back then, when you saw Santana, YOU SAW SANTANA. If you could still hear after the show it was a miracle. Our thanks to barkndog, the original uploader. This is one of the shows I've listened to consistantly over the years. I still have a tape of the King Biscuit Flour Hour that was taken from this show, although that show was badly butchered to fit into the hour radio format. The is the whole thing, in all it's glory. Geez everybody who was ever in Santana up to that point getting along for a whole day? Who woulda thunk it? And Shoreline in Mountainview was the perfect venue. Viva Santana! Long may he bend those strings. Easily the most lyical guitarist of out time.

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