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Ted Nugent - 1976-09-08 - Cologne, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

WDR Studio-L

WDR Rockpalast "Classics" re-broadcast [PAL] March 09, 2003 -> digital cable -> digital receiver "DBOX2" -> SVHS Out/In -> DV -> PC -> 1DVDR [PAL]

4,10gb / 57:28min / 4:3 / 25fps / 720x576 / Video bitrate: 8045avg / Audio: LPCM (upconverted from digital lossy broadcast)

Ted Nugent - lead guitar & vocals
Derek St. Holmes - guitar & vocals
Rob Grange - bass
Cliff Davies - drums

01 Stranglehold
02 Just What The Doctor Ordered
03 Stormtroopin'
04 Great White Buffalo
05 Snakeskin Cowboys
06 Hey Baby
07 Hibernation
08 Motor City Madhouse

- complete show!
- project finished and uploaded February 28th 2008 from the original authored files. this makes it a DVDR(0) in burning lineage for you \m/
- this is NOT a pure DVB-T or DVB-S stream source but unlike other versions here is no analog tape source or
a format conversion from PAL to NTSC involved in the lineage. so consider this as an upgrade and probably the best circulating source for now.
- DVDR comes along with intro and 2 motion menus with song selection (no official audio/video in there).
- audio sourced from lossy digital cable broadcast (unknown bitrates, from experience most likely 192kbps MPEG 2.0).
audio editing: only normalizing + fading in/out. NO equalizing!
- unfotunately 1 short image freezing and 2 bad frames in the video, nothing to worry too much about though.
- MD5 included!
- all recording/transfers/editing/authoring by Limulus

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