Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Deep Purple - 1969-08-24 - Amsterdam, Holland (SBD?/FLAC)

(Soundboard? FLAC)

Ritchie's Blues (official track removed)

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Ritchies Blues

01 - Kneel And Pray
02 - Child In Time
03 - Mandrake Root
04 - Wring That Neck (removed)
05 - Ritchies Blues
06  -Paint It Black

Wring That Neck (removed here) from this show is on the New, Live & Rare CD:

Review (from "the"):
Considered to be the best sounding Paradiso boot, This is considered to be one of the essential DP boots, as it's the earliest known MkII performance in existence.Ritchie's Blues is infinitely better than Crash Landing. It's a superb look at early MKII, and surprisingly clear considering the age of the recording. Mandrake Root is cut shortly into Lord's solo and fades out, but other than that it's a fantastic show. Kneel And Pray shows the band had a fairly clear vision of what they wanted Speed King to sound like from the beginning. A little fine tuning on the lyrics and a tightening of the arrangement and a year later it appeared on In Rock in all it's manic glory. It's kind of odd hearing the band play a blistering set and not hear any audience response though. Gillan makes reference to the nice smell coming from the audience, so apparently the crowd was pleasantly sedated.

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