mercoledì 3 aprile 2013

Neil Young - 2013-03-21 - Auckland, NZ (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

w/ Crazy Horse

Recorded with a Tascam DR2D with internal mics.
Taper: Bernard Shakey

01 - Love and Only Love
02 - Powderfinger
03 - Born in Ontario
04 - Walk Like a Giant
05 - Hole in the Sky
06 - Heart of Gold
07 - Twisted Road
08 - Singer Without a Song
09 - Ramada Inn
10 - Fuckin’ Up
11 - Cinnamon Girl
12 - Surfer Joe
13 - Mr Soul
14 - Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)

15 - Dangerbird
16 - Sedan Delivery
17 - Roll Another Number (For the Road)

Notes from taper:
For a year and a half I've been labeling every recording I make with Melbourne, with the intention that I would, at some stage, do some recording in other locations. That's finally happened, and I was lucky that its a show a few people will want to hear. The reason for that is the appearance of Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze, last played in 1990. Not exactly an overlooked gem, but exciting for hardcore fans nonetheless.

The last time I saw Neil Young was in Sydney in 2009. It was bad. International acts don't seem to realise that Australians and New Zealanders assume that if you give them seats its because you want them to sit. We're odd like that. But Neil was fairly incensed that people remained seated. This time round he made the sensible decision of having a standing floor and for whatever reason the performance (and his apparent enjoyment) was great. Of course there are always lots of people that claim to be hardcore fans, but are shocked that a show featuring Crazy Horse is loud and doesn't feature much off his more acoustic albums. For people who aren't idiots this was a great show. I was particularly excited to hear Dangerbird (and pleased that Neil is mixing up his setlists a bit, rather than playing the same thing every night).

The sound here is pretty good. At times the vocals are a bit distant, but that was the fault of the venue sound, rather than the recording (those who only want to hear Surfer Joe will be pleased to know it doesn't have this problem). I turned the input down really low, given how loud this was, but that added a bit of static during the acoustic portion. It isn't too bad though, and I suspect lots of people won't even notice.

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