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Van Halen - 2012-06-09 - Los Angeles, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Staples Center

Source: SONY PCM-M10 Recorder, 16-bit/44.1kHz uncompressed wav recording
Core Sound Stealthy Cardioid microphone
Sound adjusted by John R
Split with Cool Record Edit Delux
To flac

Location: Floor 2, Row in center stage, close enough where you didn't need
to watch anything on the big screen behind the stage.

Quality: Audience Excellent, 10/10 Rating.

David Lee Roth: Vocals.
Eddie Van Halen: Guitar, Back-Up Vocals.
Alex Van Halen: Drums.
Wolfgang Van Halen: Bass, Back-Up Vocals.

Disc 1:
01.Audience 1:58
02.Intro/Unchained 6:40
03.Runnin' With the Devil 3:39
04.She's the Woman 3:20
05.Romeo Delight 5:52
06.Tattoo 4:38
07.Everybody Wants Some! 8:18
08.Somebody Get Me a Doctor 4:04
09.China Town 3:19
10.Hear About It Later 4:49
11.Oh, Pretty Woman 3:07
12.Alex's Drum Solo 3:14
13.You Really Got Me 4:49
14.The Trouble with Never 5:10

Disc 2:
01.Dance the Night Away 6:06
02.I'll Wait 5:04
03.And The Cradle Will Rock 3:43
04.Hot For Teacher 5:04
05.Women in Love 4:23
06.Beautiful Girls 3:43
07.Dave' Dogs 3:13
08.Ice Cream Man 3:50
09.Panama 4:13
10.Eddie's Guitar Solo - Eruption 8:34
11.Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 5:49
12.Jump 5:48

Notes by the taper
I included a couple minutes of the audience because a) that's when they began playing the background music that signaled the beginning of the show and b) I wanted to let people meet the babe who was standing next to me showing off her big wedding ring, and whose screaming is evident off to the side through much of the show (not loud enough to ruin the experience). I'm always supriswed at how well some of these shows turn out considering the fact I'm moving all over the place, dancing wildly to the music. My first order of business is total enjoyment of the show, while the recording is always secondary. I like to believe that DLR responded to my call to Eddie in the long opening of Everybody Wants Some!

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