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The Who - 1979-09-17 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Venue: Madison Square Garden

Master Cassette>Nakamichi 670 azimuth-adjusted playback deck>Wavelab 96/24 2ch mono>Sox 44.1/16 2ch mono>flac

Taping Gear:
Teac M-100>Sony TCM 600

Taped and transferred by JEMS

Roger Daltrey - vocals, harmonica
Pete Townshend - guitar, vocals
John Entwistle - bass, vocals
Kenney Jones - drums
John Bundrick - keyboards, piano
Plus a 3 piece horn section of
Howie Casey - saxophone
Reg Brooks - trombone
Dave Caswell - trumpet

01. Substitute
02. I Can't Explain
03. Baba O'Riley
04. The Punk And The Godfather
05. Boris The Spider
06. My Wife
07. Sister Disco
08. Behind Blue Eyes
09. Music Must change
10. Drowned
11. Who Are You (PT cuts hand towards the end, leaves stage at end of song)
12. Band Jam Minus Pete
13. My Generation Sing Along
14. Magic Bus (PT returns to play part way through)
15. Pinball Wizard ->
16. See Me Feel Me
17. 5:15
18. Long Live Rock
19. My Generation ->
20. Shakin' All Over ->
21. Please Don't Touch ->
22. Sweets For My Sweet ->
23. Pretty Vacant ->
24. Cat's In The Cupboard ->
25. Won't Get Fooled Again

26. The Real Me ->
27. Sparks ->
28. Big Boss Man ->
29 Dance It Away

Length: 153:01

A very unique Who show which starts as strong as the previous night's show. Things took a bad turn though when Pete sliced open his palm on his guitar strings while doing windmills at the end of Who Are You. He left the stage at the end of the song bleeding profusely and headed to the backstage area where 'a good ice-hockey man' sewed up his hand. 'I didn't feel a thing' no doubt due to the self medication he'd been working on. Meanwhile on stage, Roger initially said they'd take a break but instead stayed onstage to prove how lost they would be without Pete. After a jam which featured 2 drum solos and Roger on Pete's guitar (we're use to seeing Roger play guitar now, but in 1979 it just wasn't done!) Roger decided to lead the audience in a My Generation sing-along. He followed this doing the same with Magic Bus until Pete came back onstage to rejoin the action part way through. The improvisations during end of the main set and the encores reached a new extreme with Roger pulling in 'Please Don't Touch' and taking a stab at 'Sweets For My Sweet' before Pete would take over for a great version of 'Pretty Vacant' leading into 'Cat's in the Cupboard' and later in the encore the second appearance of 'Dance It Away'. This was the longest Who show until the 1989 tour.

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