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Peter Gabriel - 1983-08-10 - Seattle, WA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Seattle '83

Paramount Theatre


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Peter Gabriel - Synthesizer/ Piano
Jerry Marotta - Drums / Percussion / Backing Vocals
Tony Levin - Stick / Bass / Backing Vocals
David Rhodes - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Larry Fast - Synthesizer / Piano

01 Across The River 03:55
02 I Have The Touch 05:05
03 Not One Of Us 07:10
04 The Family And The Fishing Net 08:32
05 Shock The Monkey 09:43
06 Family Snapshot 04:42
07 Intruder 05:38
08 Humdrum 04:36
09 Games Without Frontiers 07:18
10 Lay Your Hands On Me 11:04

01 Solsbury Hill (Take 1) 02:52
02 Solsbury Hill (Take 2) 05:16
03 I Don't Remember 04:30
04 San Jacinto 09:23

Total Running Time : 1:29:44


This is a great stereo sbd recording with wonderful small theater ambiance.
Peter forgets the lyrics to solsbury hill and a roadie has to bring out the words for him to read off a paper and the songs restarted. Peter also forgets some lyrics during "I Have The Touch" (from "pull my chin, strock my hair" to "shrug my shoulders, stretch my back"). He also has to wait before starting "The Family And The Fishing Net" because of a problem in the audience between people who want to stand up and people who want to sit down. During "Games Without Frontiers" Peter seems to have a technical problem with his microphone after the first verse. Before starting the second verse we can clearly hear Peter saying "back again, on the air". "Lay Your Hands On Me" has a long intro apparently due to Peter's difficulties to start his vocals (before beginning the first verse he says "take three").

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