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Van Halen - 2012-04-25 - Charlotte, NC (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

"Occupy Van Halen, Baby"

Time Warner Arena


Core Sound Binaural (battery box w/low pass filter) > Edirol R-09 > Sound Forge 9 (reduce bass & add fades) > CD Wave Editor > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC (Level 8)

Quality: A

Recorded from 2nd row in front of Ed so you get an up front feel from this recording

01. Unchained
02. Runnin’ With The Devil
03. She’s The Woman
04. The Full Bug
05. Tattoo
06. Everybody Wants Some!!
07. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
08. China Town
09. Hear About It Later
10. (Oh) Pretty Woman
11. Drum Solo
12. You Really Got Me
13. The Trouble With Never
14. Dance The Night Away
15. I’ll Wait
16. Hot For Teacher
17. Women In Love…
18. Girl Gone Bad
19. Beautiful Girls
20. Dave's Dogs
21. Ice Cream Man
22. Panama
23. Guitar Solo
24. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
25. Jump

Total Time: 1 hr 59 min


The title came from the long intro to "Everybody Wants Some" where Dave says "Occupy Van Halen, Baby"

all VH boots available in FLAC
2012-02-18 - Louisville, Kentucky

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  1. hi,
    can you tell me what the best recordings from this tour are so far?