sabato 16 giugno 2012

The Cult - 2012-06-07 - Buffalo, NY (AUD/SHN) by REQUEST

(Audience SHN)

"Thursday at the Harbor"


Edirol R-09-> Fission (to split tracks)-> xACT (SHN Encoding)

01. Intro Music
02. Lil' Devil
03. Honey From a Knife
04. Rain
05. - Banter - "Roger Waters"
06. Lucifer ("Venus" banter/lesson)
07. Nirvana
08. Embers
09. Fire Woman
10. The Wolf
11. Wildflower
12. Billy's camera lesson
13. The Phoenix
14. For the Animals
15. Spiritwalker
16. She Sells Sanctuary

17. Horse Nation
18. Love Removal Machine


This was the opening night of the "Thursday at the Harbor" series in Buffalo. It is a series of free shows. Ian kept referring to Roger Waters as he was reading a digital sign on the arena across the street from the outside stage.

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