lunedì 18 giugno 2012

Iggy Pop - 1983-06-22 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Tsubaki House

Tape transfer by guigui

2nd Gen audience tape > PC > Noise Removal in Audacity > FLAC > you

01. Fire Engine
02. Loose
03. Penetration
04. Fortune Teller (Benny Spellman)
05. Five Foot One
06. No Fun
07. I'm waiting for the man (The Velvet Underground)
08. One for my Baby (Frank Sinatra)
09. Tiny Girls
10. Run like a villain (tape flip)
11. Real Cool Time
12. Mass Production
13. I'm a conservative
14. 96 Tears (? and the Mysterians)
15. Dum Dum Boys

Notes by the uplaoder
About this one tape, I got it, along with two others from 2 others shows from the following nights of the same Japan Leg of the 1983 Breaking Point Tour during my brief trading days in the mid nineties. If this fellow trader evers reads this, may he forgive me for forgetting his name, but may he be blessed. He recorded those 3 shows. Sound quality isn't the best (at most a B) but they tell the tale of a 1983 Iggy on the verge of a much needed break (from recording and touring as well as some substances) who gets to meet his then-future, now-ex, wife Sushi. On one of the shows he clearly mentions her being there and introduces her to the audience.

This show is my personnal favorite of these three tapes. Great setlist and a rarity with "Tiny Girls" from The Idiot, which is one of my favortie Iggy song that don't get played live often. And on top of that Dum Dum Boys and Mass Production from this same album... That has to be the only time he played those three songs in a single gig !

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