sabato 12 maggio 2018

Emerson Lake Palmer - 1974-02-10 - Anaheim, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

The Convention Center

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The Callow And Crash And Idle Eyes ( The Amazing Kornyfone Record label TAKRL 1911 )
Live ( Poss FM Sourced )

Side 1 01. Star Trek Outtake 1.
02. Hoedown.
03. Still You Turn Me On.
04. Star Trek Outtake 2
05. Jerusalem.
06. Toccata.
07. Star Trek Outtake 3
08. Brain Salad Surgery ( Studio )
09. Star Trek Outtake 4

Side 2 10. Star Trek Outtake 5
11. Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression ( missing drum solo ).
12. Karn Evil 9 - 2nd Impression. ( Missing slow middle section ).
13. Karn Evil 9 - 3rd Impression.
14. Star Trek Outtake 6

Right the story on this LP from what i know / been told / read etc
Some people say this is from the same source / live show as the Welcome back 3Lp ( Offical live LP). The guitar sections in Karn evil 9 - 1st impression are different on this than WBMFTTSTNE. Jerusalem and Toccata sound from a different concert than the rest of the LP ( Unknown concert ). If they are all from the same source concert has WBMFTTSTNE then there as been a hell of a lot of edited Of course if any kind person can enlighten us all on the source etc that would be great.

The big bonus on this LP are the Star Trek Bloopers in between some track that the bootleggers have inserted they where taken from the season one episode " The Devil In The Dark " and are very funny and worth the price of the LP / Download on there own

2 commenti:

  1. Had this on a dodgy cassette a long time ago - will be good to hear again - especially with those Star Trek outtakes!

  2. This bootleg is very old. Source would have to be from the King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast. At this point you could get the KBFH release and patch it in with the Welcome Back My Friends release, which would result in a more complete set without all the Star Trek nonsense.

    Two things to mention though:

    1. Right before "Karn Evil 9" some tune-up/instrument checking happens for a few seconds. I haven't heard this anywhere else, except for this bootleg.

    2. The audience source indicates that Carl Palmer's synthesized drum solo freak-out during "Toccata" was edited for the official release. I would like to hear the rest of the audience tape to see what else might be missing.