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David Bowie - Dollars in Drag and Doll Arse in Drag (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

David Bowie - Dollars in Drag and Doll Arse in Drag

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David Bowie
The 1980 Floor Show
Dollars In Drag

01.  1984
02.  Sorrow
03.  Everything's Alright
04.  Space Oddity
05.  Supermen
06.  Hang On To Yourself
07.  Man In The Middle
08.  I Can't Explain
09.  Time
10. Jean Genie
11. I Got You Babe (with Marianne Faithful)


David Bowie - Doll Arse in Drag

The 1980 Floorshow Collection (rehearsals and outtakes)

Marquee Club, London October 18th, 19th & 20th, 1973

01.Sorrow (mix)
02.Dialogue (Bowie & Amanda Lear)
03.Time (take 1)
04.Bowie's comment
05.Time (mix)
06.Everything's Alright (take 1)
07.Everything's Alright (take 3)
08.Everything's Alright (take 4)
09.Everything's Alright (mix)
10.Space Oddity (take 2)
11.Space Oddity (mix)
12.I Can't Explain (take 1)
13.I Can't Explain (mix)
14.Jean Genie (take 2)
15.Jean Genie (take 3)
16.Jean Genie (mix)
17.1984 (take 1)
18.1984 (take 2)
19.1984/Dodo (take 3)
20.1984/Dodo (take 4)
21.1984/Dodo (mix)
22.I Got You Babe (w/Marianne Faithful)(take 2)
23.I Got You Babe (w/Marianne Faithful)(mix)

The only "officially" released track is Time (take 2), released on RARESTONEBOWIE by his ex-management company MAINMAN.
This was originally track 4 on the source disc, but the released portion has been deleted,
leaving only Bowie's unreleased, post song comment (27 seconds) as track 4 to preserve the original
running order for purists and completists.

About the source:
I bought these silver CDs at the local record convention in 2004. it was issued in 2 formats. "I Can't Explain, and "The Last Time I Saw Ziggy".AFAIK the only difference in the 2 is the bonus tracks."The Last Time..."used Konrads Rehearsals as Filler.My Source,"I Can't Explain"; used "The Band was all Together" as filler. This was not included in the torrent for 2 reasons. 
1). it has already been torrented on DIME under that title.
2).i beleive that we should be torrenting releases that conform to DIME's policies regarding copyright protection, so why not Give you a 1 disc version under a new title? 
When I deleted the only offending track,it all fit nicely on an 80 min. CDR.

About the Title:
8 years ago i put together yet another 2 disc audio compillation culled from video called "Doll Arse in Drag". It was a combination of the soundtrack to the 1973 Hammersmith Odeon show and The entire 1980 Floorshow Broadcast. I called it Doll Arse in Drag because the original vinyl boot of highlights from the 1980 Floorshow was called "Dollars in Drag" (although i could never figure out why?) As the majority of the original odeon soundtrack is released, and thus unsuitable for torrenting;
i decided to use that title for THIS release. A new rear tray has been designed to reflect the setlist above.

About the event:
The 1980 Floorshow was staged in support of "Pin-ups", and, as always: featured a glimpse into David's forthcoming masterpiece "Diamond Dogs".The reason so many takes were made was because the cameras had to be repositioned to produce a multi-angled final product.It was performed for free at the Marquee because, as it was a retro album; David wished to re-create the atmosphere of his early days. His band the Lower third were regarded as so "freaky" that no-one would book them. Only the Marquee would let them play on saturday afternoons (and prohibited them from charging admission).It was aired in the us on Wolfman Jack's "In Concert".

About Pinups:
David's then manager "Tony Zanneta" convinced Bowie to do a covers album of early British bands that he adored. He liked the idea so much that he actually began work on Pin-ups 2, which was to feature obscure american bands like the velvet underground. (They actually laid down the backing track for "White Light/White Heat" that was later donated to "Mick Ronson" for his second LP.) What David didn't know was that Tony's reasons were financial, not artistic. he was re-negotiating a royalties contract, and didn't want to give out any new material. once it was settled, he wouldn't hear a word of a second covers album! Ever the astute student, David has used this ploy whenever he is dissatisfied with his record company. (re-recording old singles at the end of his RCA contract in the early 80's, and again threatening to release an album ("Toy") of re-done old material to sever himself from virgin-actually recording a good chunk of it that turned up as "Heathen" bonus tracks!)

About Sound Quality:
The art says "Soundboard Qualiy" and it is good for it's time, probably culled from video. Again, as in "Live Hate": the wave tracks more closely resemble mono than stereo. I volume adjusted the "bottom" channels as follows...Tracks 1-13 adjusted + 2.25 dB...Tracks 14-23 adjusted + 2.00 dB.There are a few "pops" scattered here and there that may be "vinyl" related, or may be occassional digital distortion in the source (unusual for silver, but present in places nonetheless). See sound samples.

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