martedì 24 ottobre 2017

Oasis - 2000-08-28 - Leeds, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Leeds Festival Bramham Park

That Master CDR obtained as shown above > Wav (cdex) > Flac (flacfront end)

01 Supersonic
02 Shakermaker
03 Acquiesce
04 Step Out
05 Gas Panic!
06 Roll With It
07 Stand By Me
08 Wonderwall
09 Cigarettes & Alcohol
10 Don't Look Back In Anger
11 Live Forever
12 Hey Hey My My
13 Champagne Supernova
14 Rock N Roll Star (inc false start)

Here's a recording of mine which I recorded over 10 years ago direct from a Radio 1 broadcast through my Hi-Fi onto my computer. I recorded that broadcast simultaneously via a 10 metre length cable conected to both the Hi-fi tuner at one end and plugged into the back of my sound card/computer at the other. It was recorded as a continuous Wav file using the program "Syntrillium". I then used the same program to normalise the entire wav file (without clipping), and to then divided it into the various tracks. I then burnt those wav files onto a master cdr. The quality is awesome with the best version of Rock n Roll star ever... A+ all the way. As a Man City fan I love the line, "I live my life for Man City".

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