sabato 1 agosto 2020

Duran Duran - 1981-12-17 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK
BBC Recording

Broadcast on German radio ca. '82 - receiver - Nak tape deck - TDK SA (1982 ends / 2019 starts) Nak DR1 - eMu 1212(96khz) - SoundForge12(24/96 - 16/44) - speed adjustment - CD Wave - volume raise - click removal in Adobe Audition for tr.1 - tlh

01 anyone out there (fades in but no music missing)
02 planet earth
03 to the shore
04 late bar
05 last chance on the stairway
06 sound of thunder
06 hold back the rain
07 faster than light
08 khanada
09 waiting for the night boat
10 my own way
11 careless memories (ending missing as tape ran out)
12 encore break
13 girls on film

Another one of my virgin FM masters. In cool, crisp and pristine condition after almost 38 years. The radio station that aired these used to edit them down to around 55 minutes, so they would fill one hour plus the news. I actually prefer this show to the one from 11 months later. The sound mix really pushed John Taylor's bass forward. The first track had a lot of ticks as if played from a scratched record. Adobe Audition could only remove these partially but it's better than before.

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