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Bruce Hornsby - 1995-12-16 - Winterthur, CH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

solo piano show 

CD One: 
01. Jacob's Ladder > What a Time 
02. Country Doctor 
03. Swing Street > Dixie Lullaby 
04. End of the Innocence 
05. Rainbow's Cadillac 
06. Look Out Any Window 
07. The Show Goes On 
08. Scarlet Begonias > 
09. Sugaree 
10. Valley Road 
11. Spider Fingers 

CD Two: 
01. The Way It Is 
02. Every Little Kiss 
03. Everyday People > 
04. Midnight Hour > 
05. Go Back to Your Woods 
06. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 
07. China Doll 
08. You Can Close Your Eyes 
09. Walk in the Sun 
10. I Will Walk With You 
11. Night on the Town 

CD Three: 
01. Hothouse Ball 
02. Defenders of the Flag 
03. Quinn the Eskimo 
04. The Road Not Taken 
05. Christmas Medley 
06. Down the Road Tonight 
07. Tipitina > Talk of the Town 
08. White-Wheeled Limousine

From the info file: 
One of the longest shows I've ever heard from Bruce, weighing in at just short of three hours. He actually finished up several times, and then contionued playing beyond midnight. A number of choice covers with crowd banter in a VERY small venue makes for a vintage show. Soundboard patch; again, this is from a private collection so I'm afraid I have no idea of the lineage. Bruce was so happy with the sound of this particular piano that he bought it(!) and had it shipped back to the States. 

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