mercoledì 10 maggio 2017

Ten Years After - 1971-12-15 - Amsterdam, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Vinyl > Audacity > CD Wave editor > FLAC 8

Alvin Lee: guitar, vocals
Chick Churchil: keyboards
Leo Lyons: bass guitar
Rick Lee: drums

01 Intro/One Of These Days,
02 No Title,
03 Once There Was A Time,
04 Good Morning Little School Girl,
05 Hobbit,
06 Classical Thing, Scat Thing, I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes, Silly Thing,
07 Slow Blues in C (faded in)
08 I'm Going Home,
09 Sweet Little Sixteen.

Before anyone starts screaming that Parts of this concert were released on the official 2lp "Recorded Live". let me state that is false information. The official 2lp "Recorded Live was released in 1973. The track "Help Me "on that album was indeed recorded in Amsterdam but on January 26, 1972 at the Concertgebouw.

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