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Rush - 2004-08-01 - Atlanta, GA (AUD/IEM/FLAC)

(Audience/IEM Matrix FLAC)

Master Tapers Concert Series - Volume (140) 

Band name: Rush 
Date: August 1, 2004 
Venue: HiFi Buys Amphitheatre 
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA 
Tour name: R30 

Media: 3 CDs 
Recording type: Audience/IEM Matrix 
Taper: Brian Emery (MrBakeman)/Steve Hendrix (Steve7711) 
Recording Equipment: Source #1 - CORESOUND HEB (DPA 4060)>PCM-M1 (DAT) (Audience-MrBakeman) 
Source #2 - Geddy's IEM>ICOM -R20 Scanner>PCM-M1 (DAT) (Scanner Steve7711) 

Sony 59 ES Home DAT>Philips CDR 870>CDR 
Both sources matrixed using cool edit pro>CD>EAC>WAV (16bit)>TLH>FLAC (8) 
Transfer/Mastering: August 2014 (CD Rip) 
Audio format: FLAC 
Total running time: 182:57 
Audio quality: 4++ 
Artwork: Yes 

Geddy Lee - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards 
Alex Lifeson - Guitars 
Neil Peart - Drums 

(Disc 1: 78:43) 
01 - R30 Overture 
02 - Finding My Way 
03 - Anthem 
04 - Bastille Day 
05 - A Passage To Bangkok 
06 - Cygnus X-1 
07 - Hemispheres 
08 - The Spirit Of Radio 
09 - Force Ten 
10 - Animate 
11 - Subdivisions 
12 - Earthshine 
13 - Red Barchetta 
14 - Roll The Bones 
15 - Bravado 
16 - YYZ 
17 - The Trees 
18 - The Seeker 
19 - One Little Victory 

(Disc 2: 55:43) 
01 - Darn That Dragon (Intro)
02 - Tom Sawyer 
03 - Dreamline 
04 - Secret Touch 
05 - Between The Wheels 
06 - Mystic Rhythms 
07 - Red Sector A 
08 - O Baterista 
09 - Resist 
10 - Heart Full Of Soul 

(Disc 3: 48:31) 
11 - 2112: Overture 
12 - The Temples Of Syrinx 
13 - Grand Finale 
14 - La Villa Strangiato 
15 - By-Tor & The Snow Dog 
16 - Xanadu 
17 - Working Man 
18 - Summertime Blues 
19 - Crossroads 
20 - Limelight

Show comments: 
What a great show from the R30 tour. This was our second show of the tour as we all made the trip up to Nashville to see the opening night a couple months earlier I think we all enjoyed this one a little better as they just sounded great. Many thanks goes out to Steve for doing the matrix for this audio. It's a lot of work to put together something like this. Most of all spending a lot of time before the show finding a good channel to get the IEM. Getting there early to try and not only catch the soundcheck but just to find a good channel for the scanner recording, in this case he was able to get Geddy's. As for my audio it was a really good one so this recording came out really nice. 

This release is in conjunction with cbg5150's video that was just posted as well. Extra special thanks to him for the video, it's great to watch a show we went to over 10 years ago and relive that great night. I think we all owe him a big pat on the back for not only releasing all his great videos but just for doing all those great shows in the past, i don't think a lot of people realize how much effort goes into video taping a rock concert, especially back in the days he started doing them so i'd like to give an extra special thanks to him. We have gone to many great shows together since we both moved and now live just a couple hours away from each other. There will be many more releases in the future with the cbg5150/MrBakeman combo.

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