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The Band - 1983-07-01 - Chicago, IL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Mandel Hall
University of Chicago

Lineage (as given in original torrent): fm>SoundBlaster>wav>flac

Band members (probable): L. HELM / R. DANKO / G.HUDSON / R. MANUEL + THE CATE BROTHERS: Earl Cate - guitar, Earnie Cate - keyboards, Ron Eoff - bass, Terry Cagle - drums

Track listing (60:46):
(1) Intro (0:46)
(2) Up On Cripple Creek (5:44)
(3) The Shape I'm In (4:15)
(4) It Makes No Difference (6:12)
(5) Milk Cow Boogie (3:46)
(6) Mystery Train (4:24)
(7) King's Harvest (3:43)
(8) Java Blues (4:56)
(9) I Shall Be Released (3:24)
(10) Rag Mama Rag (4:29)
(11) Long Black Veil (5:09)
(12) (I Don't Wanna Hang Up My) Rock and Roll Shoes (4:29)
(13) The Weight (5:39)
(14) Ophelia (3:44)

Info file, St5, ffp, and md5 signature file are included. Sorry, no artwork.

Somehow, this recording appears to have skipped Dime altogether, unless there are gaps in the bot. This file set was shared on The Traders Den in December 2010 (I apologize; I'm not sure who seeded it) -- a nice (though unfortunately incomplete) FM broadcast featuring the Band fairly into their 1983 reunion tour. The venue was the relatively intimate (~1000 capacity) Mandel Hall on the University of Chicago; it's the only time I can think of that a rock show was hosted there, or at least, that a recording circulated from that venue.

What's included here is a pretty good mix of Band originals with standards; many of the latter were favorites of Rick Danko and staples of his solo set for many years after. Fun, uptempo performance.

Sound quality is excellent. I seem to think in the comments from the TTD posting, a comment was made that this was a public radio broadcast, but I'm not sure. In any case, the fidelity is very good for an American FM broadcast, and though the specific lineage is unknown, it must come from a relatively low-generation analog source. Note that the recording levels are too low on this file set; if you're burning to CD, you may wish to boost them beforehand.

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