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Kansas - 1983-10-01 - Los Angeles, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Kansas Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles California October 1St 1983 
Westwood One Presents In Concert For B-Cast February 1984
(The R.J.P.Memorial Archive Series # 63)
A Md Transfer For Krw_Co At 16/44.1

Pre Fm Lp Masters Newmark Turntable To Cdr No Ids To Plextools Pro/Wav 16/44.1 To Audio Cleaning Lab For Track Marks And Edits/Wav 16/44.1 To Tlh Flac Level 8 All Ads Have Been Edited Out All Lp Flips Have Been Edited Together

Phil Ehart drums
Dave Hope bass vocals
Kerry Livgren guitars keyboards synthesizers vocals
Rich Williams guitars
John Elefante keyboards vocals

01 Intro
02 Fight Fire With Fire 
03 Point Of No Return 
04 Everybody's My Friend 
05 What's On My Mind 
06 Play The Game Tonight 
07 Hold On 
08 Andi 
09 Dust In The Wind 
10 Keyboard Solo 
11 Crossfire 
12 Get Rich 
13 Belexes 
14 Drum Solo 
15 Magnum Opus 
16 Carry On Wayward Son 
17 Mainstreem
18 Portrait (He Knew) 
19 Outro

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