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Sting - 2016-07-28 - Firenze, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Ippodromo Del Visarno 

Tour: Mini Summer Back To Bass Tour 2016 
Support Act: Joe Sumner Acustic Set 
Location:Ippodromo Del Visarno,Platea Row 3 Seat 26 
Source:Aud Master Rec. 

Edirol R-09Hr With External Sonic Studios Microphone 

Master Wav>Audacity>Cd Wave Edt.>Tlh>Flac (8) 

Sting: Bass & Vocals 
Dominc Miller: Guitar,Bass & Vocals 
Joe Lawry: Backing Vocals 
David Sancious: Keyboar 
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums 
Peter Tickell: Violin,Mandolin 
Rhani Krija: Percussion 

01 - Every Breath You Take (The Police song) 
02 - If I Ever Lose My Faith in You 
03 - Mad About You (First performance since 2011) 
04 - Driven to Tears (The Police song) 
06 - Shock the Monkey (Peter Gabriel cover) 
07 - Invisible Sun (The Police song) 
08 - Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (Genesis cover) (excerpt) 
09 - Message in a Bottle (The Police song) 
10 - Fields of Gold 
11 - The Hounds of Winter 
12 - So Lonely (The Police song) 
13 - When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around (The Police song) 
14 - Something the Boy Said (Live debut ever since its 1993 recording release) 
16 - Shape of My Heart 
17 - Englishman in New York 
18 - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (The Police song) 
19 - Roxanne (The Police song) 
20 - Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers cover) 
21 - Roxanne (reprise) 

22 - Desert Rose 
23 - Next to You (The Police song) 
24 - Fragile 


This is the second night of the Back To Bass Tour in Italy, this show was similar to the first one, instead of "Wrapped Around Your Finger", Sting perfomed "Heavy Cloud",no more Changes.The quality of this show is probably better than the first because I'm seated at the therd row, but sounds more "bass".People was more powerfull than in Rome, this is a bigger venue and not sophisticated like Rome. 

During the soundcheck he played always the same traks they played, some take of Mad About You,Shock The Monkey,Shape Of My Heart,When We Dance (this will practice for featuring changes),Something The Boy Said (different takes). 

The support act for this show was also Joe Sumner (with Jo Lawry and Rhani Krija).joe play some acustic songs of Fiction Plane.He atended a few fans before to go at the stage on the doors who separed the backstage and arena. 

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