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Mark Knopfler - 2016-07-02 - Salisbury, UK (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Mark Knopfler Chalke Valley History Festival, Hiscox Tent, 2nd July 2016

Recorded using a Zoom H2 digital recorder, 44/16 Wav

Sound edited with Sound Forge (normalization and volume increase) and encoded into flac with FLAC frontend level 8 

During the 2016 History festival at Chalke Valley, Mark Knopfler did a speech in which he played 7 songs with members of his bands, songs that are related to history, being interviewed by Rick Stroud

Interviewer: Rick Stroud
Guitar and vocals: Mark Knopfler
Keyboards, guitar and vocals: Guy Fletcher
Bass: Ewan Vernal
Flute and Violin: John McCusker
Pipes, flute and guitar: Mike McGoldrick

01. Intro
02. Talk
03. Privateering
04. Talk
05. Haul Away
06. Talk
07. Sailing To Philadelphia
08. Talk
09. Mighty Man
10. Talk
11. Done With Bonaparte
12. Talk
13. Occupation Blues 1st Try
14. Talk
15. Occupation Blues
16. Talk
17. Piper To The End
18. Outtro

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