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Fleetwood Mac - 1977-08-25 - Las Vegas, NV (SBD/FLAC)

(Suondboard FLAC)

Fleetwood Mac - Mega-rare restored vinyl "Sin City 77" Alladin Center For The Performing Arts, Las Vegas 1977-08-25 Top ten FM show in excellent quality! (mp3 sample included)

The old guy returns for a while...

This is in my opinion one of the finest Fleetwood Mac shows ever put on tape. Not only are you getting the group in its prime while riding high on the "Rumours" tour, you are getting a heartfelt, genuine performance as well. The entire group is at peak, with Stevie Nicks as a standout. She has never sounded better. She catapults both "Dreams" and particularly "Rhiannon" into the stars. The girl is on fire, and it shows.

Although labeled as "Mega-rare", this double boot LP along with the Jethro Tull title "A Sack Full Of Trousersnakes" sold out very quickly and was repressed several times. This torrent is taken from a nearly mint first edition on Dragonfly Records. But even if you have this album, your humble seeder believes you have never heard it properly. All copies of this show ran just fast enough to make the performance sound a little sick. I've corrected the speed to make the the album pitch properly. Even though this was just by a small amount, it makes a huge difference in the sound quality.

This album is labeled "entire concert". Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't. I have heard that "Monday Morning" may in fact have been played and isn't on this two-record set.

I'll be dropping in soon with more goodies already in the oven.

LPs->Sound Forge->Speed correction on turntable (pitch down slightly)->Click and Crackle removal->FLAC via TLH, level 6, sectors aligned and verified, FLAC integrity checked. 

01 - Intro/Say You Love Me
02 - Dreams
03 - Oh Well
04 - Rhiannon
05 - Oh Daddy
06 - Never Going Back Again
07 - Landslide
08 - Over My Head
09 - Gold Dust Woman
10 - You Make Loving Fun
11 - I'm So Afraid
12 - Go Your Own Way
13 - World Turning
14 - Blue Letter
15 - The Chain
16 - Second Hand News
17 - Songbird

If you are intending to burn this show to CDs, burn through and including Gold Dust Woman on CD1, and everything else on CD2

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