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Marillion - 1982-06-19 - Aylesbury, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Friars Maxwell Hall 
19 June 1982 

Taper: Colin D 

Rig: Sony condenser mic > Maranze Superscope 330 > TDK-SA cass 

MASTER CASS > CD-R from taper > EAC > FLAC > YOU 

Disc 1 
01 - Introduction 
02 - Three Boats Down From The Candy 
03 - He Knows You Know 
04 - Grendel 
05 - The Web 
06 - She Chameleon 

Disc 2 
01 - Chelsea Monday 
02 - Garden Party 
03 - Forgotten Sons 
04 - Margaret 
05 - Market Square Heroes 

Here you have the second installment of Col D. MASTERS again you have a excellent sounding show that has been traded for a while in poor quality. 

Notes by the taper
I remember this being a pretty big gig for the band at the time, after several supports at Friars this was their first headline in the Maxwell Hall, the biggest of the halls in the venue. The band were a bit edgy about this one, not just their first big gig on home soil but they knew that several A&R men would be in attendance, so with a big and very partisan audience guaranteed this was a great chance to impress in front of the record company people and prove they were worthy of a contract. 

I recorded this from dead centre, about 25-30 feet back from the stage. The Maxwell Hall had a bit of a tendancy for boomy acoustics and there is a trace of that in the recording but overall it's not too bad. 

At this stage, in Aylesbury at least, their audience was a really wide cross section. My lasting memory of this gig was everyone going complely mental in Margaret, with punks, skinheads and hippies all dancing together at the front. When the press eventually picked up on the band and pigeon-holed them into the prog rock bag they seemed to lose this pretty diservse audience. 

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  1. Love Marillion, so a huge thanks for this :-)

    Back-Cover says 20-02-1982, not 19-06-1982 ???


    1. Think that it is an error on the back cover. The txt says it's from the 19 June 1982. Also, I have a gig labelled 20 February 1982, Aylesbury. It doesn't have the same set list.