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The Cure - 1986-06-21 - Pilton, UK (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(Soundboard/audience FLAC)

The Cure 
Glastonbury Festival 
Pilton, UK 
June 21, 1986 

SBD/AUD composite, see notes below: 

Source 1: BBC Transcription Services #393 promo LP 
Transfer: Esoteric Sound Restoration Deck with Stanton 500 II pickup > Gemini PA-700 Pre-Amp > DBX PB-48 Patchbay > Mackie 1202-VLZPro Mixer > Echo Gina 24/96 at 44.1khz/16bit> Wavelab 4.0 > dehum on DC-ART Millenium 4.80 > Wavelab 4.0: manual removal of some clicks and pops, normalized to -.3db, tracksplitting, multiband compressor (fm setting), dithering with apogee22hr > mkwact > shn 
Conversion by, 20 Feb. 2004 

Source 2: BBC FM broadcast 
Transfer: FM master > CDR (no other details given) 
Seeded to DaD, cannot remenber name of seeder or date seeded. 

Source 3: AUD (Sony WMD6C + Mic ECM969, taper unknown) 
Transfer: Cassette master > DAT 0 > 2CD-R trade from a german trader (Unsplit tracks)-> Flac Level8 (xAct MacOs) 
Seeded by airneck at PPTT March, 2006 

All tracks from Source 1 except: 
Tracks 1 & 2 and tracks 16-19, Source 3. 
Tracks 9 & 10 from Source 2. 

01. shake dog shake 
02. play for today 
03. kyoto song 
04. primary 
05. charlotte sometimes 
06. a strange day 
07. inbetween days 
08. the walk 
09. a night like this 
10. one hundred years 
11. push 
12. a forest 
13. sinking 

Encore 1: 
14. close to me 
15. let's go to bed 

Encore 2: 
16.give me it 
17. boys don't cry 

Encore 3: 
18. faith 
19. pornography 

AUD portions: brought up a touch and evened out with Soundforge 8, no EQ or noise reduction used. 

preFM SBD source: levels saturated on a couple of songs. Recording volume was too high and it seems that dynamic compression was used to limit clipping during the normalisation process. I reduced the recording volume by 5% on all the preFM tracks. 
There is no clipping or distortion present. 

FM source: Hiss reduction with Adobe Audition 1.0. This was reluctantly used because the recording had audible hiss even during songs. I EQ'ed the 2 tracks used to match the sound of the preFM recording. I used A Night Like This from the FM source because the preFM track had overly audible record noise and static during the song. 

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