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Metallica - 1993-06-20 - Basel, CH (SBD/FLAC) "Destroyer"

(Soundboard FLAC)

Metallica - Destroyer
1993-06-20 St. Jakob Stadium, Basel, Switzerland.

Liberated bootleg: "Destroyer", (Twolips Productions - Amsterdam,CD3M93TLP)
Gold CDs > cdparanoia > wav > wavbreaker (splits and merges) > wav >flac

Disc 1
01 Ecstacy of Gold
02 Creeping Death
03 Harvester of Sorrow
04 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
05 Of Wolf And Man
06 Wherever I May Roam
07 The Thing That Should Not Be
08 Kirks Solo
09 The Unforgiven
10 Disposable Heroes

Disc 2
01 "Drinking music" + Jasons Rap
02 Jasons Solo
03 Orion
04 To Live Is To Die
05 The Call Of Ktulu
06 Four Horsemen
07 For Whom the Bell Tolls
08 Fade to Black
09 Master of Puppets
10 Seek & Destroy

Disc 3
01 Battery
02 Nothing Else Matters
03 Sad But True
04 Last Caress
05 One
06 Enter Sandman
07 So What!

Liberated and seeded at by graaI will finish up by quoting the cool message on the back of the bootleg (The LedZep 'Destroyer' mentioned seems to be a classicbootleg):"In 1977 there was Led Zeppelin and the immortal 'Destroyer' - Now in 1993 it is fitting that Metallica have their Destroyer - Metallica fans this is for you - Play it fucking LOUD!"
An excellent soundboard recording and a killer setlist/gig. The sound is very clear. The audience is inaudible during tracks, andnearly inaudible between tracks. This was one of the last gigs of the neverending Roam-tour, and the boys are clearly in a good mood. The CDs in the Destroyer-bootleg are some very cool gold-coloredshinies.  Most of the song starts were more or less off, so I have moved the track starts around quite a bit. Furthermore I have split some tracks into several, for example "To Live Is To Die / Ktulu" into two tracks. There are some audible glitches in The Thing That Should Not Be. To meit sounds like technical difficulties at the stage or soundboard.

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