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Van Halen - 2013-06-21 - Tokyo, JP (MTX/AUD/IEM/FLAC)

(Matrix Audience/IEM FLAC)

Smash Up The Typhoon

Format: 2 Compact Discs
Label: XAVEL-SMS-026
Source: Tokyo Dome - Tokyo, Japan - June 21, 2013

Silvers > EAC > flac

Disc 1
1.Intro 0:45
2.Unchained 4:13
3.Runnin' With The Devil 3:40
4.She's The Woman 3:01
5.I'm The One 4:22
6.Tattoo 4:33
7.Everybody Wants Some!! 8:29
8.Somebody Get Me A Doctor 3:23
9.China Town 3:31
10.Hear About It Later 5:11
11.Oh, Pretty Woman 3:08
12.Drum Solo 3:04
13.You Really Got Me 5:22
14.Dance The Night Away 4:19
15.I'll Wait 5:04
16.And The Cradle Will Rock... 3:45
17.Hot For Teacher 5:43

Disc 1 Time - 71:22

Disc 2
1.Women In Love... 4:40
2.Romeo Delight 5:46
3.Mean Street 5:13
4.Beautiful Girls 3:30
5.Dave's Short Film (Tokyo Story) 4:52
6.Ice Cream Man 5:11
7.Panama 4:21
8.Guitar Solo 8:08
9.Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love 6:09
10.Jump 5:11
11.Outro 0:48
12.Jamie's Cryin' 4:34
13.The Trouble With Never 8:03
14.Atomic Punk 3:23
15.Ice Cream Man 2:42

Disc 2 Time - 72:33

Total Time - 143:55

Notes (from
•Audience recording, excellent stereo sound.
•Multiple IEM sources were matrixed with an audience source to complete this incredible recording. The audience recording was released separately under the XAVEL-213 label.
•The "SMS" in the label name stands for "Silver Masterpiece Series".
•Disc 2, tracks 12-14 are bonus tracks from Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, in Nagoya, Japan performed on June 18, 2013. The inclusion of these tracks are meant to have a complete record of all the songs the band played on their 2013 Japan tour. These three tracks were not performed at the Tokyo show, but were performed on the other dates.
•Disc 2, track 15 is from the pre-show Soundcheck at the Tokyo Dome. It mostly consists of Dave strumming an acoustic guitar and practicing Japanese. He does start Ice Cream Man near the end of the track.
•Front cover shows a background of the Tokyo Dome exterior in red and black along with a portion of the Japan Naval flag above. A gray scale image of Dave and Edward is superimposed over top. The VH logo and show title appear centered in the upper half of the cover.
•The inside of the booklet contains a bunch of gray scale shots of the band, and of the venue. Some are promo shots not directly related to this specific show, while others are from this show.
•The back of the booklet contains the rest of the Tokyo Dome and Naval flag image from the front. A VH logo is present, along with details about the recording.
•The under-tray image has a black background. The red and black image of the Tokyo Dome appears in a centered gold circle, with a gold VH logo over top.
•The rear artwork continues the same Tokyo Dome and Naval flag theme, but now contains an image of the band from the end of a show. Over top of that is the set list and information about the bonus tracks.
•Disc 1 has the Tokyo Dome image in red and black within a black circle with a gold VH logo over it.
•Disc 2 has the Tokyo Dome image in gray and black within a red circle with a gold VH logo over it.
•Released in July 2013.

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