domenica 4 febbraio 2018

The Police - 1979-05-24 - Minneapolis, MN (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

May 24, 1979 
The Longhorn; Minneapolis, MN 
FM broadcast 

FM broadcast recorded to Maxell UDXLII cassette>Yamaha-KX330 tape deck>Terratec-EWX soundcard>EAC-WAV>Audacity-FLAC 

01. Truth Hits Everyone 
02. Feel So Lonely 
03. Fallout 
04. Born In The Fifties 
05. Hole In My Life 
06. Be My Girl / Sally 
07. Message In A Bottle 
08. Peanuts 
09. Roxanne 
10. Next To You 
11. Landlord 
12. Can’t Stand Losing You

This is straight from the mastertape. The only editing I did was that in the first 21 seconds of the Track 1 the right channel had static, so I pasted in a bit from the left channel. I have not done any other editing, EQing, filtering, or any kind of tampering with the sound. 

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