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Dire Straits - 1985-07-10 - London, UK (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(Soundboard/Audience FLAC)

Live July 1985 

In July 1985, Dire Straits played 13 consecutive nights at the Wembley Arena during his Brothers In Arms Tour, having many special guests almost every night. 

On of the nights, July 10th, was recorded and there are many version of the soundboard recording of that night, but as every song comes from different sources, there are "jumps" between all the songs because they sound different. 

In this new version all tracks have been edited to avoid that jumps as much as possible and to complete it, I added extra songs with special guests of the other nights they played at Wembley. 

All extra songs comes from good audience recordings. 

All songs comes from flac files, and using Traders Little Helper I encoded them to wav, to do the editing with Sound Forge, and then to flac again (level 8) using Traders Little Helper. 

All songs recorded on July 10th 1985 except extras 

01.Expresso Love 
02.So Far Away 
03.Private Investigations 
04.Sultans Of Swing 
05.Why Worry 
06.Walk Of Life 

July 8th 1985 
07.Two Young Lovers - with Francis Rossi 
08.Intro to T-Bone Burnett 
09.Power Of Love - with T-Bone Burnett 

July 4th 1985 
10.Money For Nothing - with Sting 
11.Solid Rock - with Pete Townshend 
12.Intro to Pete Townshend 

01.Money For Nothing 
02.The Man's Too Strong 
03.Tunnel Of Love 
04.Brothers In Arms 
05.Solid Rock - with Nils Lofgren 
06.Intro to Hank Marvin 
07.Going Hime - with Hank Marvin 

July 11st 1985 
08.Intro to Paul Brady 
09.Irish Boy - with Paul Brady 
10.The Road - with Paul Brady 

july 14th 1985 
11.Steel Clawn - with Paul Brady 

July 15th 1985 
12.Two Young Lovers - with Dave Edmunds

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