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Pearl Jam - 2000-06-12 - Landgraaf, NL (2xDVDfull pro-shot) by REQUEST

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

Pinkpop Festival

Disc 1
01 - Pinkpop Intro 
02 - Rival
03 - Jeremy
04 - Nothing As It Seems 
05 - MFC
06 - Habit
07 - Light Years
08 - Lukin
09 - Even Flow
10 - Brain Of J
11 - Insignificance
12 - Better Man 
13 - End Title

Disc 2
01 - Stone & Jeff Interview
02 - Insignificance
03 - Better Man
04 - Rearviewmirror
05 - Once
06 - Fuckin' Up

Encore 1: 
07 - Black 
08 - Leaving Here

N of disk: 2
Length disk 1: 46m-35s
Length disk 2: Interview: 05m-49s
Show: 39m-32s

Video source: 
VHS PAL Tape > Played in JVC Stereo videorecorder > hooked up on a LG DVD Hard disc recorder > recorded in XP quality (Best Quality) > Added chapters > Recorded on DVDR (Resolution 384 kb/s, Framerate 25.000, 

Bitrate 9067, Format PAL, Aspect 4:3)

Audio source: 
Dolby Digital: Codec AC3 Bitrate 384 kb/s

Notes: There were 2 broadcasts (Dutch television) of this gig which contained different songs that's why Insignificance, Better Man figure twice. Minor hickup during MFC (probably the tape). No menu and chapters. Skip every 5 minutes.

notes: Ed is wearing another Tivoli shirt, like the home-made one in 1992. The band is in a very good mood and Ed is dancing a lot. Ed says, “Is it okay if I speak English, because the only thing I know in Dutch is how to order pot in a cafe. It is nice to be back and thanks for having us. It is much more beautiful then I remember it. [smiles] It is also nice to be out of America for the last couples of weeks … in America what we do for fun, because we have some kind of advanced culture … [the crowd boos, Ed smiles] so we have some very futuristic ways of handling our overpopulation problem and that is we give each other guns and kill one another – because it is fucking fun! [Ed makes a shoot sound]. Anyway, here are a couple of songs about killing one another. This is called ‘Rival.’” Ed dedicates ‘Light Years’ to Diane Muus from Sony Music. (She died in 1997 at an age of 33 and knew the band very well.) “So that was about a friend who is fucking up and there is nothing you can do about it! And you just watch’em go down down down. And then, other times you have got friends that don’t fuck up at all and are great people. And then you just lose them for some reason. They are of the planet and you never had a chance to say goodbye. I only mention this because there was a person we used to know here and that was Diane and ah, we never got a chance to say goodbye. This is goodbye!’ Before “Fucking Up,’ he is telling the crowd that Gomez will play in the tent next to center stage and that Moby is coming later. He says, “I’ve been told that there is another Ed (Ed Kowalczyk from Live) walking around here, but I’ve been told that I give better Ed than he does” [smiling]. He smashes two tambourines with his head during ‘Fuckin’ Up’ and tosses one to the crowd, and takes photos of the crowd at the end of the song. Later he’s smiling and says, “Ha, we’re easy … sometimes” likely referring to the fact that they do an encore for a festival. He asks, “Hey, Brett. Are you there? Can you hear me? Do you have the tape from last night?” Brett responds through the PA and says the tape is probably on the bus. Ed rants about the tape as he needs it because they want to leave right after the show. “Well, if he had the tape I would tell you to pass me over there, so I could get the tape and back again to the stage … I think I can trust you guys to do that. But oh well … as you don’t have the tape maybe next time. Oh, there is no next time! Oh, well. This song is called ‘Black.’ Say hello to all my friends in Utrecht.” The last 35 minutes of this show was . Dutch FM radio broadcast ‘MFC’ through ‘Black’ and featured an interview with Mike.

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