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The Pink Floyd Story - Which Ones Pink? (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)


DVD Video
PAL, 16/9, 720?576, 9352 25,000 
AC-3, 6ch. 448 

Chris Rodley

David Gilmour
Roger Waters
Syd Barret
Nick Mason
Richard Wright.

The Pink Floyd Story: Which One's Pink? (BBC1) takes that Live8 gig in Hyde Park as a starting point, then goes back, way back, to a time when they had hair, heaps of it, and a frontman who had a special kind of star quality and charisma. There was no room for any of that in the Floyd though, and Syd Barrett fell by the wayside, an acid casualty, lost to a permanent lapse of reason. The others were left to twiddle and bang away and experiment until they stumbled upon their phenomenally successful sound.

This is a terrific documentary, chiefly for one reason: it is the Pink Floyd story told by, guess who ... Pink Floyd! Bob Geldof also comes on to deliver his shouty opinion, but mainly it comes from the horses' mouths (Roger Waters actually looks more and more like a horse as he gets on). Not together, of course, that would have been too much to ask for - a huge outdoor stage in London is one thing, a room is quite different. But they address their differences, and their guilt and grief over Barrett. They are honest and thoughtful, a bit shy (except for Waters who clearly has an ego as long as his face). Sure, there is a smugness there, as there is in their music. It's certainly not hard to empathise with Johnny Rotten and his famous "I hate Pink Floyd" T-shirt. But to wear one, in honesty, would be hard.

59 min

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