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Blondie - 1979-12-31 - Glasgow, Scotland (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Blondie: 1979-12-31 Glsgow, Scotland (Pro Shot/TV BX DVD)

2005 VH1 Classics standard definition TV BX > HD VIP622 DVR > HDMI cable > Philips DVDR3475 standalone DVD burner (transferred in HQ/High Quality 1 hour mode) > Sony DVD+RW > removed commercials and created song chapters > PC > TLH (for creating and verifying md5 file) > you

Artist: Blondie
Date: December 31st, 1979
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Venue: Apollo Theatre
Program: BBC Old Grey Whistle Test
DVD's: 1
Label: Bootradr Project
Title: Old Grey Whistle Test
Total Runningg Time: 40:03

Menus: No
Chapters: Yes
Artwork: No
DVD Size: 2.63 GB

Format: NTSC
Color/B&W: Color
Type: Pro Shot/Television Broadcast
Resolution: 720 x 480
Aspect: 4:3
Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
Data Rate: 9558 kbps
Total Bitrate: 9814 kbps
Codec: MPEG-2

Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Bitrate: 256 kbps
Codec: AC3
Channels: 2
Streams: 1

01. Old Grey Whistle Test intro
02. unknown ending of Blondie song/program announcer introducing Blondie
03. Dreaming
04. Slow Motion
05. Shayla
06. Atomic
07. Eat To The Beat intro > Picture This
08. Pretty Baby
09. Heart Of Glass
10. Hanging On The Telephone
11. Sunday Girl (with Scottish bagpipes intro)

Here's a Blondie show from New Year's Eve 1979 a few have requested lately. I'd shared it 5 years ago but a lot has changed (mainly the links and services) since then.

I first really "heard" Blondie in 1980. I'd likely heard her on the radio prior to that, but I found an 8-track tape of her in 1980 and fell in love with her voice. I wasn't allowed to listen to rock 'n' roll as a kid so I missed out (back then) on a lot of great artists and had to sneak around to finally start listening to the music I loved. My dad actually found my first Blondie cassette tape and smashed it against a brick wall. When he came across the Blondie 8-track tape, he used a Roberts R7 (I think that's the model...been to long ago) reel-to-reel recorder with and 8-track port to record over it. Today, I own that Roberts reel-to-reel recorder and things area lot different. I think this is half the reason I love music, and especially the late 1960's - early 1980's music, so much. The other half is that it was just excellent music!

The last song. "Sunday Girl", is only 3 minutes, 6 seconds long and the credits start rolling right before the song fades out and the program ends. I could've used the standard DVD burner's menu, but instead I decided to just make this a put in and play DVD with no menu. If I ever build another DVD project out of this I'll add a menu.

There was some confusion the first time I uploaded this DVD as to whether or no it was from the officially released 1979 Apollo Theatre DVD. It isn't. That show was from March of 1979, and while I don't have it, the TV program noted that this show was on December 31st, 1979 before it began airing.

I think Blondie and her whole band were at their prime in this time period. Her voice is flawless and the music, while still having some disco types of sound (I never liked disco and never will) in some songs, was much more rock 'n' roll sounding with guitar, keyboards, drums, and the likes.

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