lunedì 14 settembre 2020

Simple Minds - 1981-12-29 - Glasgow, Scotland (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)


Lineage: unknown generation FM cassette received in trade 20+ years ago.
Unknown generation FM Maxell XLII 90 cassette> Sony TCD5 playback> M-Audio Microtrack II> 44.1/16 WAV> CD Wave Editor tracksplit> Traders Little Helper FLAC level 8

01 Sons And Fascination 6:45
02 Changeling 4:30
03 Thirty Frames A Second 5:34
04 Premonition 6:52
05 I Travel 6:54
06 Celebrate 7:22
07 Love Song 5:39
08 The American 5:58
09 This Fear Of God 10:02
10 Factory 5:27

One of my favourite Simple Minds performances with fine lengthy versions of Celebrate and a ten minute version of This Fear Of God. There's a bit of FM hiss but still an excellent and enjoyable listen. If anyone has a known generation that is cleaner please share.

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