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Jeff Beck Group - 1968-07-17 - Dallas, TX (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Recording Information ::: unknown stereo recording equipment -> master stereo AUD tape (probably reel) -> ? -> "Miami '68" boot CD ripped with EAC

Remastering 2013-05-xx ::: flacs -> Trader's Little Helper -> wavs -> Audacity (normalisation to remove DC offset, channel/phase alignment, fades, manual one-at-a-time glitch / dropout / bump / pop / click / dullspot repairs, volume adjustments, speed fixes, single passes for affected areas, NO added EQ except for #1 to match the rest) -> CD Wave (track splits) -> flacs (Trader's Little Helper) -> yr ears. First uploaded week of 2014-05-16. (NOTE: The original "Miami '68" source certainly used some EQ, but it was well done & a better source to work from. 

Jeff Beck Group 
1968-07-17* Dallas, Texas Luanne's Club (remastered-BT-AUD + 1st song non-BT source) 
East Lovers Lane (A "bring your own beer" dance club...) 

(*) aka, but apparently NOT, Miami Beach, FL 1968-11-16 Thee Image Club 

~*~ "Miami '68" boot CD source THEN carefully remastered fixing MANY problems without added EQ ~*~ 
PLUS the MISSING 1st track from KRW_CO source, also remastered, & EQ'd to match the rest 

Geoffrey Arnold "Jeff" Beck - electric guitar
Roderick David "Rod The Mod" Stewart - vocals
Ronald David "Ronnie" Wood - electric bass
Michael "Micky" Waller - drums

Set One
01. You Shook Me 
02. Let Me Love You 
03. I Can´t Hold out 
04. Jeff´s Boogie 
05. Sweet Little Angel 
06. Shapes Of Things 
07. Hi Ho Silver Lining 

Set Two
08. Beck´s Bolero 
09. Rock My Plimsoul 
10. Oh Pretty Woman 
11. Morning Dew 
12. Rice Pudding 
13. Sun Is Shining 
14. I Ain´t Superstitious 

Total Time ::: 1:15:41 

::: VERY fine, stereo, up-close AUD (especially for its vintage). Check samples for predilection predictions or to rev yr engines. 
::: Warts: NOT MANY! Some hiss in 1st 4 seconds of #1 with couple of fluctuations due to recovering music that was too low volume to hear - for more Beck! Some lite broad spectrum hiss in right channel. Some light overturation distortion on extremely loud passages but nothing serious! Fixed dropouts & dullspots but likely missed a few. Deleted blank spots between songs. The last 3rd of master tape was clearly in better condition. Lowered some loud clapping between trax. Channels were SERIOUSLY out of phase/alignment (mike spread?) & very different info in channels but was adjusted at ~2 minute intervals & sounds WAY better - without killing the wonderful stereo recording but simply correcting the enormous delay between channels. 
::: COMPARISON CLAUSE: This is a 2014 NEWLY REMASTERED version of the "Miami '68" boot CD DIMED twice before. Part was also included in the upload "Like A Hurricane Primsoul-Live Archives 1968-1969". This HAS the added alternate source 1st track as noted. 
::: CORRECTION CLAUSE: I screwed up & originally uploaded this using the incorrect Miami date/location & MISSING track 1 (which wasn't used on the 'Miami'CD. This is a CORRECTED & COMPLETE remastered version. (OLD version was torrent #492370 Jeff Beck Group 1968-11-16 Miami Beach uploaded on 2014-05-17). 
::: #11 "Rice Pudding" (an instrumental) is introduced here as "Mother's Old Rice Pudding" & as being played for the first time. 
::: Touring to promote the new "Truth" album, which had only been released in August (tho' it'd been in the works for long time!). 
::: No artwork included as some of the photos used could be considered proprietary, sorry. Seek & ye shall find. 
::: Many thanks to KRW_CO for permission to remaster that source for track #1 (so the recording could be completed). 
::: In a previous torrent a DIMER noted the same setlist timed 79:27 but I think it's a typo. This one is 75:41 with speed correction & KRW_CO is 75:38. 

Cool freaking recording & now is some much healthlier ear fodder. Some sources note this as SBD but tis clearly an AUD (but quite hi-fi for its vintage & probable volume of the band). If in doubt about AUD source, go to the break before the end of "Rock My Plimsoul" & you can hear the taper laughing. The extreme stereo mike placement (left mike more at stage or vocal PA, left channel captures more audience) is quite interesting. Perhaps this should be considered a "not-for-purists remaster", as I did a much more volume tinkering than I normally do. The original had problems, but I was fairly agressive here to really improve the sound - in my opinion, for my ears. In fact, it was an important part of the equation after the very extreme channel phase correction. Almost certainly from a reel-to-reel master source originally with possibly 1 or 2 reel generations (doubtful there were any cassette generations). 

I learned a lot about this band thru this tape. Ron Wood playing bass with a real rhythm guitar sound in some songs. I did some reading about Ron on a bass player forum while researching the keys for some songs & one thing they really respect about him is he rarely played something the same way twice. While the quality on this recording is stunning overall, I would say this is not the absolute best Jeff Beck Group performance of the era. They make some mistakes & some of the performances don't gel or are not as explosive as others around of the same vintage. "Jeff´s Boogie" is a bit scattered. The band seems a bit put off by how unresponsive & quiet the audience is. One comment from the band is that it's like playing in a library. HOWEVER... Jeff's making a LOT of strange, experimental guitar noises, seemingly more than usual, though I suspect they are just much more noticeable here than other shows due to the clear sound. I would say this rates near the very top of the "must-hear" JBG shows of '68/69, as it is so painless to listen to & so possible to discern what's going on. Many of the other recordings I have (the Tea Party comes to mind right away) are so distorted, that it is quite hard to get a clear picture of the experience. This is a very cool recording, the Jeff Beck Group in 1968, live, with Rod & Ron & the quality MORE than makes up for ANY lack of performance intensity in my opinion, and, even on a bad day, the smoke was risin' off the stage. 

I had gotten this recording some time back, but recently saw it making the rounds again, but with the notes altered to claim it as a soundboard, which it is (clearly) not. However, it is a wonderful recording.... Anyway, seeing it again, I remembered being puzzled a few years ago why it all sounds like it was coming out of one channel. Well, it was partly the volume imbalance but mostly it was EXTREME phase offset between the two stereo channels. I think one of the mikes was pointing in such a way there was a huge timing difference for when the sound reached the mike compared to the other mike (layman's terms). So, I decided to give it some remastering effort. There was an INCREDIBLE improvement right away. the inital phase correction was 38 cents! Then it had to be adjusted throughout the recording, likely from mike motion. Another thing that really worked for me was the speed correction in the first set, which, tho' not dramatically changed, brought Rod's voice to a more familiar sounding timbre. Do hope you like it.

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