sabato 1 luglio 2017

Magma - 1970-1973 - Various Live (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)


very low gen VHS > DVD Recorder > Video_TS

- Discorama, ORTF, French TV, June 29th 1970 (Interview + Stoah) 12:27
- POP2, ORTF,French TV, November 28th 1970 (Aurae, Stoah, Muh (unreleased song)+Interviews) 15:14
- La Légende du Siecle, ORTF, French TV, February 26th 1973 (early MDK+Interview) 30:11

This DVD is simply sensational. After a long search, these films have just recently been circulated. There is nothing much to be said apart from: you have to see this to believe it. Magma in their prime. The long wait is over...
It is absolutely unclear why these have never been officially released.
The two clips from 1970 feature the band from the first album.
The 1973 clip is a very rare document of Magma just being Christian Vander, Blasquiz, Garber, Lambert on bass and Manderlier on keys. A trio with 3 vocalists (if you count Vander in, he sings a lot during MDK). Exceptional stuff.

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  1. So how do I get a copy of this?

  2. Edge, thanks for the incredible MAGMA at their prime! Any chance for some 70s German bootlegs? Huge Krautrock fan here..