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Stevie Ray Vaughan - Rarities (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

SRV "Rarities" PAL DVD

A DVD compilation I authored (with DVDLab Pro) from various trade DVD sources.

Codec info:

Tracks 1-14:
Mpeg2 PAL 25 fps 720x576 resolution, 4300 kbps, audio ac3 256 kbps
- taken from two standalone discs a Dime user sent to me in order to make a compilation of the best quality tracks.

Tracks 15-19:
Mpeg 2 PAL 25 fps 352x576 resolution, 4400 kbps, LPCM audio
- taken from "Tapsa Remasters" version of SRV Lorelei. I have a few versions of "Ohne Filter" in full 720x576 PAL resolution, but they are sourced from much higher gen tape.

Tracks 20-23:
Mpeg2 PAL 25 fps 720x576 resolution, 8500 kbps, audio ac3 384 kbps
- taken fron OSKY productions version of SRV Alabamahalle, Munich 1984. Master (S?)VHS source and great quality.

Umbria Jazz Festival, Perugia, Italy 15th July 1985
(I was told this is from VHS master source ... it looks like a single camera unedited pro source)
1. Scuttle Buttin'
2. Say What!
3. Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love

Pistoia Blues Festival, Pistoia, Italy 3rd July 1988
4. Instrumental (not included on broadcast version of this show)

"Wired", London UK July 1988
5. Interviews with solo examples on guitar

"Hey Hey It's Saturday", Australia 27th Oct. 1984
6. Texas Flood

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, 22nd April 1988
7. Superstition
8. Looking Out The Window
9. Say What!
10. Willie The Wimp

"Lieder und Leute", Berlin Germany 6th Sept. 1983 (rather bad quality)
11. Pride And Joy
12. Mary Had A Little Lamb
13. Lovestruck Baby
14. Testify

Lorelei Festival, Germany 25th August 1984
15. Backstage Interview (not included on rebroadcasts)

"Ohne Filter", Baden-Baden, Germany 16th July 1985
(this was included on the discs I received but I replaced it with a better quality version)
16. Say What
17. Interview
18. Look At Little Sister
19. Life Without You

"MTV Bootleg Show", U.I.C. Pavillion, Chicago, IL 28th Oct 1989
20. I'm Goin' Down (with Jeff Beck)

"MTV Unplugged", New York City, NY 30th Jan 1990
21. Rude Mood
22. Pride and Joy
23. Testify

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