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Keith Jarrett - 1977-10-16 - Vienna, AT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

771016 Keith Jarrett European Quartet Sound Improved - Flambay and Goody Pitch Fixed !!!
Jan Garbarek (ts, ss)
Keith Jarrett (p, perc)
Palle Danielsson (b)
Jon Christensen (dr)

Flac files directly from web > Audacity(cough and bips cutting - volume adjusting - retracking) > TLH (Flac - SBE) > Dime

A Goody -Flambay - U014945 Production

00. Warm-up 00:44
01. Track 1 13:08
02. Track 2 11:33
03. The Journey Home 15:36
04. Country 04:48
05. The Windup 13:21 (piano intro 6')
06. Mandala 11:46
10. Late Night Willie 14:59
11. My Song 06:05

TT 92:06

Sound Quality A-- / B


Music Quality very very Good !!

Goody's Notes :
I've found that to minimize the bad warble I roll down the treble knob on my receiver that my computer is plugged into. Adding a bit of bass with the other knob gives it a fuller sound and helps out as well. I wouldn't suggest doing any actual EQing of these files, though. This is all something that is only a personal listening preference. However, it might be a good idea to make this suggestion in your final text as well, if you plan on sharing it online, leaving it up to the listener.

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