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Boston - 1987-11-03 - Hartford, CT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Night 2
Third Stage Tour

Teac tape deck--converted through audacity - flac thru traders little helper

Brad Delp - Vocals
Tom Scholz - Guitar, Keyboards
Gary Pihl - Guitar, Keyboards
Davis Sikes - Bass
Doug Huffman - Drums, Keyboards
Doug Masdea - Drums

01: Rock And Roll Band
02: Peace Of Mind
03: It's Been Such A Long Time - Guitar Solo
04: Don't Look Back
05: The Journey
06: More Than A Feeling
07: Amanda
08: We're Ready
09: The Launch
10: Cool The Engines
11: My Destination
12: A New World
13: To Be A Man
14: I Think I Like It
15: Can'tcha Say - Still In Love
16: Hollyann
17: Band Intros
18: Forplay
19: Longtime
20: Feeling Satisfied
21: Something About You
22: Used To Bad News
23: Hitch A Ride Jam Intro
24: Hitch A Ride
25: Let Me Take You Home Tonight
26: Party

Tape Flip 1 at 36:58 After Amanda
Tape Flip 2 at 73:49 After Hollyann

I did songs 1-16 on disc one & songs 17-26 on disc 2.

Recorded from lower lever, Left side of stage, halfway back by a friend of mine.
This was from master tape. No info on tape deck used.
Maxell XLII Tapes
Teac tape deck--converted through audacity to wave
Wave to flac thru traders little helper

No touchups done. If anyone wants to remaster, feel free to do so 

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