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The Rolling Stones - 2005-11-08 - Los Angeles, CA (ALD/FLAC)


Hollywood Bowl

source : LR400 > Sony TCD-D100

taper : bench boy
transfer : markp


Wav > Flacfrontend Level 8 with SBE > Flac

Disc one (60:07):

01) Start Me Up (4:27)
02) Shattered (4:12)
03) She's So Cold (5:07)
04) Tumbling Dice (4:46)
05) Rough Justice (3:47)
06) Rain Fall Down (6:02)
07) It Won't Take Long (5:04)
08) Bitch (4:49)
09) Night Time Is The Right Time (5:28)
10) Band Introductions (3:29)
11) Slipping Away (6:51)
12) Infamy (6:00) 

Disc two (54:16):
01) Miss You (6:09)
02) Rough Justice (3:54)
03) Get Off Of My Cloud (3:29)
04) Honky Tonk Women (4:29)
05) Sympathy For The Devil (7:03)
06) Brown Sugar (4:54)
07) Satisfaction (7:49)
08) Can't Always Get What You Want (7:26)
09) Jumping Jack Flash (7:46)

This is the raw ALD recording with some post-processing from the original version (documented below), and given the sonic limitations of the Hollywood Bowl ALD system, it's pretty listenable. A heavier dose of "new" material than the first night, but it's kind of nice to hear lesser-played material sprinkled into the setlist. There are certainly plenty of classics for the long-time fans as well.

Solid performance overall, as with most shows from this tour. Some of the early remnants from the first leg (e.g., "Shattered," "Night Time") are still in the set at this point in the tour.

From the original info file:

Some notes about what needed to be done. This show was also out of phase ( like the 1st Bowl show), had a 60 Hz hum and needed some noise reduction. Not too much NR was used, to avoid the chirp sound that is the result of too much noisereduction. Nevertheless, there is still some noise/hiss left that was on the original recording - but the sound is definitely way better than before.

A little equalization was done too ,yes, to equalize the sound. As the source was mono, the left channel was delayed for 4/1000 secs to create a kind of stereo. As I did not have an audience recording to create more ambience with a matrix, I edited out some of the "dead" parts between the songs. The last song also had around 2 minutes of nothing but hiss after it ended, so I cut off some 1.40 min at the end. I did the same between the main set and the encore, as there was nothing but 1.45 min of hiss as well. 

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