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Dr. John - 1987-11-07 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC) Early and Late show

(Soundboard FLAC)

Dr. John
Lone Star Cafe,
New York,Ny,Usa
November 7,1987

Dr. John-Vocals, Piano
Wilbur Bascomb-Bass
Joe Carol-Guitar
Lou Marini-Sax
Lew Soloff-Trumpet
Ronnie Cuber-Sax
Richard Crooks-Drums
Herman Earnest-Drums ##
Mick Taylor-Guitar **

Cassette Sb Master (Sony Tc-D5 W/Maxell Xlii-90 Dolby Off) > Edirol Usb Ua-1Ex Audio Interface > Cool Edit > Cd Wave Editor > Flac

Cd 1 Early Show
01-Iko Iko
02-Happy Birthday > Something You Got
03-Right Place Wrong Time
04-I'Ve Been Hoodooed > Walk On Guilded Splinters
06-Wild Honey
07-Such A Night (Tape Flip)
08-Georgia On My Mind
10-Big Chief

Cd 2 Late Show Part 1
01-Instrumental Intro
02-Junco Partner
03-Renegade ##
04-Same Old Same Old ##
05-Mess Around ##
06-Life ##

Cd 3 Late Show Part 2
01-Wang Dang Doodle
02-Tipitina Variations
04-My Blue Heaven **
05-You Lie Too Much > You Ain'T Such A Much **
06-Sugar Sweet > Got My Mojo Working **
07-Big Bass Drum (On A Mardi Gras Day)

Here's how this went. dr. John was going back and forth between New Orleans and NYC and had a place not far from the Lone Star Cafe so he played there on a regular basis. we had many chances to hang out with him at the shows and he always had great stories. He gave me the ok to plug into the board this night. At the time of this show, dr. John's bass player was the great wilbur bascomb. Wilbur was also working with Mick Taylor's band. between shows i was in the dressing room with my good friend bobby when Mick came in to see Wilbur. I noticed this and mentioned it to my friend and suggested that maybe Mick could sit in with dr. John. we first went to dr. John and told him that mick would like to sit in for a few. we then said to mick that dr. john would like him to sit in. apparently our little plan worked as they both agreed. mick came up for three songs. probably not being too familiar with the new orleans style, during the first song he seemed a little unsure of himself. after the first song i was at the sb calling for a blues since i knew mick would do better in that setting. the second song was a medium tempo blues shuffle and it was good for everyone. the final song was pretty straight ahead and worked well too.

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  1. Hello Iy seems C3 is missing. This show is so great I really expect this pary 3. Manay thank's.