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Kansas - 2003-08-10 - Anaheim, CA (Pre-FM/FLAC)


The Grove 

CDR>EAC>CDWave>Flac Front End (compression level 6) 

01. JJ Jackson Tribute 
02. JJ Jackson Intro 
03. Fight Fire With Fire > 
04. Play the Game Tonight 
05. Opus Insert 
06. Miracles Out of Nowhere 
07. Hold On 
08. Uninvited [Alanis Morissette Cover] 
09. On the Other Side 
10. Child of Innocence 
11. Bringing It Back 
12. Point of Know Return 
13. Portait (He Knew) 
14. Dust in the Wind 
15. Carry On Wayward Son 
16. Commercial 

The original show came on 2 CDs, including intros and outros for most songs, and commercials. CD 1 contained three tracks, CD 2 contained four tracks, plus five 30-second commercials tacked on at the end. CDWave was used to edit out the commercials and song intros/outros except the following: Track 01 is a dedication of the broadcast to DJ JJ Jackson, who passed away before the program was aired; Track 02 is a Kansas bio read by JJ Jackson; and Track 16 is a 30-second spot promoting the broadcast. 

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