martedì 13 febbraio 2018

Genesis - 1977-07-02 - Zurich, CH (AUD/SBD/FLAC)

(Audience/Soundboard FLAC)


soundboard: GASP021
audience: Sennheiser MD421 > Uher 4200 reel to reel recorder - except from 3:20 to end of last track of cd2

All editings and matrix by Renzo Pietrolungo
artworks included, all credits in the artworks
thanks to Roger, who provided me audio sources and artworks
thanks to Volker who inspected audio synchro accuracy of cd1 :-)


01. Squonk
02. One For The Vine
03. Robbery, Assault And Battery
04. Inside And Out
05. Firth Of Fifth
06. The Carpet Crawlers
07. In That Quiet Earth
08. Afterglow
09. I Know What I Like
10. Eleventh Earl Of Mar
01. Supper's Ready
02. Dance On A Volcano
03. Drum Duet
04. Los Endos
05. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / The Musical Box (closing section) 

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