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Miles Smiles Allstars - 2012-07-09 - Copenhagen, DK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Det Kongelige Teatret (The Royal Theatre)

source: Audience master, Zoom H2 WAV

Wallace Roney (trumpet)
Joey DeFrancesco (organ)
Darryl Jones (bass)
Omar Hakim (drums)
Robben Ford (guitar)
Rick Margitza (saxophone)

01. Splatch
02. Blues MD
03. Mayisha
04. Don´t stop me now
05. Bye bye blackbird
07. Jean Pierre
08. Round midnight

length: 94.33min.

notes by the taper:
I was deciding between seeing these guys and Wayne Shorter, ultimately Miles Smiles won since I have seen Wayne before. MAN was I lucky to witness this. Miles Smiles was put together to commemorate Miles Davis´ music and BOY do they deliver. I will never get to see Miles live myself, but this must be as close as I can get. Picture perfect music performed by the very best musicians this world has to offer. I was shaking after the gig from thinking about how I very nearly missed this gig. How could I have lived without it? Luckily for me I do not have to ask myself that.

´Round midnight is a true encore. The houselights were beginning to light up but the audience refused to leave. I got the setlist afterwards and Jean Pierre was the last song on it. Nice, not too many band play real encores anymore.

I haven´t been able to figure out track 6. I got the setlist from the soundguy which listed Maze / Summertime / So What / Decoy after Blackbird and before Jean Pierre so my guess it´s one of those even though I can´t place it. Maybe someone here can help out.

To my ears this is a perfect recording. To your ears it may not be, about which I do not care one inch. There is a sample below which you may want to check out.

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